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The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most anticipated cars of the past 20 years. Tesla is responsible for igniting the electric car craze and bring the technology to the mainstream. But what’s it actually like to drive? James Pumphrey gets behind the wheel and fills you in on what it’s like to daily drive the Tesla Model 3.


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josh harville says:

I want the model X

chasemays1 says:


EAST FPV says:

And a i drive a straight piped sierra 1998 with a 305TBi xD

Dashiell Clark says:

An ok car but another good video, funny how meek got out today lol

mrpmj00 says:

A glass roof is too hot

Curtis Campbell says:

The amount of Jr Rodeo championships Pumphreys Dad went to


The One and Only says:

Nahhh I’ll be the last guy to get an electric car. I respect them, because I know electric cars are the future, but they are not my cup of tea. Let new generation of kids embrace them, I’ll stick to my naturally aspirated V8 until they become illegal 🙂

The Dudeprime says:

Aye, that #freemeek at the end actually worked

new. bian says:

Pumphrey is hilarious. I cant even get through videos without having to replay them because I’ve been laughing so much❤

Rookie To Pro says:

5:24 Only reason I do my taxes early is to get new car parts sooner ! Turbo next?!

Donut Media says:

JAMES SCREWED UP! First time Turo renters get $25 off their first car at checkout, not 25%. Just use the code DONUT25

He tried to blame Nolan, but it was James’ fault for sure.

acuevas87 says:

If yall need to do another review, let me know I’ll bring my model 3 to you guys.

RedPanda says:

Nothing can replace the emotion that you feel from an engine and exhaust note.

Matt McPherson says:

Can you touch on how the company is hemorrhaging money mike a severed artery?

Dominic Teresi says:

Get a Tessa roadster

TheNdaltonIV says:

Thanks for doing a real review.

Klinton Wheeler says:

Meeks free so yeah

Jeno 007 says:

Tesla sucks fat rooster.

Wirabhaya says:

I love you Phumprey *no homo*

Kevin Freiheit says:

This car has NO buttons…… Also it doesn’t have door handles, it has BUTTONS!

Eliazar wrx says:

I would never buy that

Matt McPherson says:

This was a commercial not a review.

Barooq Nation says:

You should have put those people in the video ! !

Grizzbo says:


Joshua Andrei Caldea says:

Why did the headlights look liked a 720s headlights

Fernando Pacheco says:

Looks like a somewhat cool looking hot wheel car

mrpmj00 says:

lol, backward progress that I have to use a credit card to open the door whereas my Corvette just unlocks when I pull the handle or locks when I walk away.

Ben vogelsang says:

Up to speed on the ford bronco? Introduced as a 4×4 sports car back in 66 lol

Ted Spink says:

Well, this is great and all but will the Model Three be actually coming out any time soon. From what I hear Elon Musk is a little bit behind…

GiovanniHughes says:

cudos to turo cheer from HTX

feeshschticks says:

(Donut Media > Doug DeMuro > VinWiki) > Top Gear
You can rearrange the first 3 any which way but Donut is my current fav. More Up to Speed pls. 🙂

Antonio Lopez says:

Do Godzilla the GTR

Hash says:

I can tell Tesla is a boring car, its just like the Prius. At least the Prius is reliable.

Alan_Akbar says:

4:01 glad he talked about that i thought it was sponsored

Sonic 2 says:

OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RAMCHARGERS JUST KICKED IN YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FoxplaysHD says:

Where I was ten years ago? I was being born.

Hyon Pyon says:

It looks like a Chinese knock off of the Model S and it’s not that great looking. Butt it’s not awful like the last generation TL. If I had a way to charge at home above 110V, heck yeah I would consider getting an EV. I don’t think I want to wait around 30 minutes or so to charge my car during a normal week.

Turo might be great to drive other people’s cars, but would you rent out your own personal car? HELL NO!

Mach SCGA says:

No 3500 pickup from Tesla?

Patrick Jean-Mary says:

1985 Oldsmobile 442 FE3-X. And the 442 line and man, those lightning rods.

superboyy95 says:

I don’t like electric cars

Aleksei Dobrovolskii says:

Guys. I’m in that Prius at 3:35. It’s Soldat’s lake in Ussuriisk in Russia. I can die now. I’m on Donut. What are the odds?

Dmitrioligy says:

Don’t exaggerate too much! You were doing more original in previous videos. Stay original!

TGPD says:

look at me now, dad!!!

Parker Chase says:

Maybe this means when everyone drives Tesla I can get A demon for 5k later on

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