Dodge Demon – Commuting in an 840hp Muscle Car | The New Car Show

The Dodge Demon, the world’s first purpose built, street-legal, factory drag car. It’s so fast, the NHRA banned it from competition. The Demon is the ultimate street-legal race car with 840 Horsepower and 770 Pounds of Torque. WHAT IS IT LIKE TO DRIVE DAILY? Can you take the Demon to the grocery store? What is it like to commute in an 840hp production drag car?

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Omar Delawer says:

Hey TESLA BOYS…..FUCK YOU and your P100D sissy electric mobile. Regards – Dodge Demon drivers and everybody else in America who is annoyed by all of you riding Elon’s dick and talking about it too much.

Joey Prater says:

Can I have one?

WGR Wavy Guy Rappers says:


Shadilay McKek says:

Between the Demon and the Hellephant I dont know which I want more…

Taurus Baurus says:

i want this car…. but i dont think itll be smart to drive this as my first car lol

Abhishek v says:

u r dop as demon

Laksh Nair Ramesh says:

Hey next up to speed video:Mahindra

Zachary Monty says:

would be nice if you gave us a more in depth video of the car and not you talking about it

Daniel Soto says:

this made me hungry, im going to ihop, thanks james.. think ill go top down in the s2k

Gmb12 Philly says:

OmG dude. I was having fun watch YOU drive it!

ThemasterAndy says:

What’s that song called?

OO 13 says:

Why not??

Kajus Žvingila says:

Am Making a Holy Mobel from the dodge demon

Me- How will you do it

Someguy- Am driving the hell out of it

These were my dad jokes…..

PgN_Cash says:


Lance Hondrade says:

4:59 I thought the Model X P100D was the Millennium Falcon of cars.

paul xander says:

FAST love that part

Jake Tran says:

Like Nissan GTR
Comment Demon

Brad Mottram says:

I want one of them Demons such an awesome car!

Alex Manuel says:

Until you pull up next to a Tesla and get rekt

Rohitaswa Sarbhangia says:

Man you’re funny. Good job bruh

Aaron Zeph Cabebe says:

Do you own the dodge demon

Bruh_Itz_Jessica says:


Harrison Dezeeuw says:

3:14 I spit my coffee out

Lillian Bruchman says:

Someone would probably mistake it for a cop car

Breakfastnooka says:

Wonder if that was Brice Green’s demon?

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