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Thank you Dodge for sponsoring this episode (and for lending us a freakin’ Dodge Demon!!!)

The Dodge Demon, the world’s first purpose built, street-legal, factory drag car. It’s so fast, the NHRA banned it from competition. The Demon is the ultimate street-legal race car with 840 Horsepower and 770 Pounds of Torque. WHAT?!? Join James Pumphrey as he tells you the rich history behind the Dodge Demon; From the early days of the Ramchargers, to the inception of SRT. This is everything you need to know about Dodge SRT’s latest tire shredding monster, the Dodge Demon. It does freaking wheelies.

Up to Speed is a weekly automotive history show about the best cars, brands, designers, drivers and influencers ever. Host James Pumphrey covers everything from the Toyota Supra to the Chevy El Camino, The VW GTI to the Subaru WRX. The origins of every car will be uncovered to get you Up to Speed..

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MisterAxeMan says:

I’m so fucking glad I found this channel

Zuhair A.Zahra says:

My demon is not fake it’s a true demon (dodge)

SpeedRacer TVG says:

Dodge needs to make a car with a name of ramcharger. Not ram or charger. Ramcharger.

thatsenseijosh says:

If it’s like the viper will it be taken away?

Ziya ulhasan says:

HE double hockey sticks CAT

bright xiao says:

I love these vids

Preston Siegfried says:

Speaking of ramchargers, do the Dodge charger next

Archer Swanson says:

This guy makes me like and love cars I hate. It’s amazing. He should be paid more for his salesmen skills. Guy could sell me anything

Isaac Matthews says:

Am I wrong in thinking that koeniggsegg made a 1340 hp V8?

Cocobrain26 says:

do one on the GT

Deng Madhel says:

840 hp? I’m cumming

Carla Ambrus says:

Who tought that the background is a photo? I defenetly did.

The Friendly Exploiter says:


Popcorps says:

Dodge Devil

Rin Okumura says:

You should have just done a challenger video or a charger just like we’ve always wanted

Hamfam2010 says:

That’s not the first demon though

Cam Austin says:

Do a up to speed on jeeps!

yhakult says:

Too bad we dont have this in Australia. I don’t even think dodge will last long here. Only model they sell here is a minivan.

AJDøesAll says:

James:800 AND 40 HORSEPOWER!
Me, an intellectual: So 800.40 horsepower?

DerrickNationGaming says:

Ya there was a street legal drag car the Shelby 1000 and cobra jet

Matt Bolt says:

Finally a car presenter with personality haha. Youre like an american clarkson with a chilli up his ass that vomits dank memes every ten seconds. Love it.

Christopher Coles says:

Do a merc gtr vid

mystery magnum says:

you forgot the 1971 340 demon

anthony fontelera says:

i lost count how many times i watched this … PAAAWEEEERRRR!!!

samuel lopes says:

I believe the hennesy venom has the most powerfull V8 in a production car…

EngineNerd451 says:

@Donut Media please do a video on the Mopar 340 small-block A-bodies, Plymouth Barracuda/Duster and Dodge Dart/Demon… they were infamous for blowing away big block muscle cars that cost twice as much and are still one of the most versatile platforms for home-built race cars

Faheem Ryan says:

You’re annoying AF!!
Gosh screaming like a *NASTY BITCH*

#Mati98 Aab says:

Sería genial que tú canal se tradujera a Español

Antonio Jimenez says:


Miguel Rucoba says:

please do a ramchargers gif.

odysseas aliozis says:

2:58 thank me later

Batuhan Aksiner says:

I wish you also talked about the history of the Challenger instead of only the Demon, but I’ll take it

Ezequiel Olguin says:


Luke Lambert says:

Man. I love these guys @donut they kill me. Ramchargers might be my new softball team name as a result of all these laughs

Houdini says:


Kyle Kerst says:


Zaid Qutob says:

Lets pray for pumphry’s vocal cords

Eb2x Blee says:

Whats he saying in his demon form?

Hank Hill says:

It’s a cool car, but it’s better to be entirely fair…

You still get that well over 700+ HP, but you only get it using “racing gas”

Yusuf saood says:

The funniest video I’ve seen in a while

asymsolutions says:

smaller sway bars for weight savings?


MattDoes Stuff says:

This should be the Dodge Centaur or something
because it’s like a F**KING H O R S E

ChrisYoungGunn says:

6 demons could’ve taken down the Roman empire lol

Adam Sullivan says:

Actually horses have 14.9 horse power… probably due to lack in accuracy when mesuring

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