Dole Whip Donut is really Popular at Disneyland!

Hey Wonderful World of Foodies join us today on this short vlog as we show you Disneyland’s newest treat the Pineapple Meringue Donut!

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California NATEive says:

You guys always make the best food reviews. I have a favor to ask??? Can’t make it to Pixar fest but I would totally pay you to pick up a boot beer mug for me?????

Rman Nayr says:


Art Works says:

The Whip Donut, where else but Disneyland!

Heidi's Hauls says:

Hoping to watch some more Disneyland footage from your channel. I’m all the way over by WDW, so it’s always fun to watch videos from the other park.

Valerie Fischer says:

That looks delicious I love pineapple whip

Shelley Marron says:

Really enjoy your videos:)

Alfred Sierra says:

Look creative

Ken Roberts says:

I’ve been enjoying your terrific videos for quite awhile now. Do Y’all have a PayPal account I can contribute to (and hopefully get your review of Steakhouse 55 at the Disneyland Hotel!)? Thanks!

Char B says:

Love your videos….who keeps giving you guys thumbs down?!? Ugh

Molly Ball says:

That looks adorable and yummy! I love the short vlog!

R A says:

Hey guys! I love your channel, I’ve been watching since 2016 and I enjoy it so much. I was curious, would you guys be able to do a video on the allergen menus offered at Disneyland? 🙂 Obviously just the quick service restaurants to make it quick and easy! You don’t have to try the food (if you don’t want to, which is extremely understandable) but to just show us whats on the allergen menus?? I used to work at WDW and had them all memorized for there but I’m going to DL soon so it’d be nice to know the options.

rosemary j says:

That looks so good.

lorna oliveros says:

yup..those donuts were so famous it was gone like in 10mins..too bad i didn’t get to see u guys..maybe next time 🙂

Kayla Barbosa says:

I wat to touch your hair

AshleyTheGothHusky says:

Looks delicious! I can’t wait to try it this Friday 😀

Camielle Dejillo says:

I love your vids and no hate but I really love this relaxed dialogue rather than the scripted formal vids. I can tell you guys really enjoy the food more. Love you guys! ❤️

Sweetbutterflykripperino says:

How much was it? I need to know. Cause I want 2-4 of them!!

TheRockChild says:

@magicjourneys I have been trying to get in contact with you guys. I love your videos, they are filled with so much positivity and fun. I always look forward to seeing what you guys are up to and what food you are going to eat. But anyway – I own My Park Flair and you once repped my Beauty & The Beast button. I have been trying to contact you to thank you so much for that. I also totally want to send you guys a bunch of goodies and promote your channel. Send me a message on instagram or something. xo Adam

misty henneke says:

That looks sooooooo good!❤️

Jasmine Bonilla says:

call me crazy, I like this format better than your food show type recording, it’s just u guys being u guys

Amanda Lozano says:

Where did Jenelle get her pizza planet shirt?

Anakin Skywalker says:

Totally trying this!

seropserop says:

I’m never sure which Disneyland you guys are at

cindyrella888 says:

That looks sooo delicious! Where can you find it at?

Niki Jahoda says:

Thanks for the review. Definitely not what I thought it was and I’m glad I wont stand in line for it. Love that you always give us the latest and greatest

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