Dongles and Back Werk, Germany – 4KSugarGlazed Solo Donut Review

Coming at you pre-recorded but still alive, I got given five of the most surprising ‘nuts from a fan of the channel named Ian (Big thanks for the donuts, if you ever want to drop a ‘nut or two on me, I’m always keen!)

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Thanks for the love!


Ethan Abraham says:

hello from berlin

ZeroSurvivalRate says:

Somebody get that anonymous doughnut donater some kind of metal; he managed to convince 4kSugarGlazed to grace us with another stellar doughnut review.

Nick Heylen says:

The jaina warbringer song has been in my head all day, and now that I finally got rid of it, I hear it in the background on your video! (I think)

Ian says:

I’m happy you did a review on the donuts I brought, and I’m happy we’re on the same page where donuts are concerned! Have a nice Gamescom and if we meet in the city I’ll pay for your beer.

Ben W says:

Finally some actual normal doughnuts lol. Thats why they’re good!

Owloysius says:

Hold on, 4Ksugarglazed huh ? Where’s the 4K then ? I expect some high quality pixels for these high quality reviews!

Matthew Schulz says:

“It does have some cream on the inside”, “which is how I like it”
Can’t tell if he was trying to make a joke or if he was literal

Lukas_97 says:

Dont be fooled by that shit cookies and cream , that shit you can get from tescos

Killingglorie says:

I love you 4KSugarGlazed!!!!!!!!!!

Gustep says:

Everytime i watch 4KSugarGlazed doing his review of some donuts I feel like i’m watching some famous American instagram donut reviewer.

Robin Blyth says:

This series is all I want in life

Etienne Campbell says:

The Oreo ones come in a pack of two, can get them from co-op and Morrisons. They are always fecking dry won’t stop me eating them though hahaha

GAPIntoTheGame says:

chocolate didn’t come from Germany, it came from the American continent. The only reason chocolate ever made it to Europe is due to the Spanish bringing it from America in the 16th century. so no, it does not come from Europe(Germany to be specific), the cocoa bean’s natural habitat is a tropical one, meaning that it couldn’t have possibly come from Germany

Jazli Aziz says:

Naomi must be thrilled to meet the famous 4KSugarGlazed! Don’t forget to tweet out a photo with her lol

Andy Anderson says:

Turps, you should comprehensively decide which UK supermarket and/or coffee shop (inc. Greggs) has the best doughnuts. They may not all be high quality, but many of us don’t live near specialist doughnut places.

Samahawk 360 says:

Just make this a doughnut review channel

neddify says:

4KSugarGlazed and no 4K quality, as a ‘nut purist I need more pixels.

Jun-luc Picard says:

What about xXberlinenerboyXx?

nathan goddard says:

Wheres the official 4ksugarglazed hearthstone shirt?????

ThePartyGamersNL says:

I like my women how i like my donuts; with cream on the inside

YOGSCAST Bees says:

I would love it if Turps could find a real donut sponsor and make a really high production value episode that makes people walking by think that 4KSugarGlazed is actually the name of a real famous donut reviewer

Jophime says:

Man, I am *here* for these donut reviews.

Cameron Phillips says:

It wasn’t until the end that I realized I literally just watched a video of turps eating 5 donuts at blizzcon….

Cheesepuff88 says:

Soon we’ll get turps donut asmr

Takahashi says:

Turps keeping that dad bod alive. I shall buy your tracksuit and a box of donuts good sir

SteelRodent1456 says:

“Backwerk” means “baked goods”. It’s “bagværk” in Danish, and I believe something similar in Swedish.

Russell Conklin says:

Please do the artillery only challenge

Patrick Tracy says:

I like to think they are actually called Dongless

Lewis Spurrier-Best says:

4KSugarGlazed y’all need to try the Co-op’s baked in store salted caramel donut for 89p its a great value nut 😉

EddThe19th says:

Everyone likes oreos? Fack off mate they taste of burnt, they’re such a shit tier food stuff it’s unbelievable.

Ziffer777 says:

“It does have some cream on the inside, which is how I like it.”

Sayantan Chaudhuri says:

Oreos are disgusting

Andrew Polson says:

Me needy somey 4K goodness

Simon says:

As a Belgian resident, I’m very offended by you saying Germany is the land of chocolate.

Suvie Tholen says:

“Germany is the land of chocolate” ..I’m waiting for all of Belgium to rip their dick off, lol

ChaosSwissroIl says:

Hey 4kSugarGlazed, where is the variety? All you’ve been reviewing is trash with icing and toppings tossed on.
Where are the french crullers, the longjohns, the bearclaws, the old-fashioned’s, the cake doughnuts, the twists, the maple bars, the logs, the fritters, the boston cremes, the old-fashioned crullers?
*Anyone* can make a decent glazed raised (and then throw shit on top); The *true* test of a doughtnut shop is in how they tackle the more advanced varieties.

Aitch says:

This is so fucking stupid….. 10/10

Tempest threeseventeen says:

i dont like oreos, they are weird.

AndICanTalk2 says:

The donut review is so fun! Keep these up please.

JTsavage says:

Wow Turps, you really made me want to have your dongles cream in my mouth

Sam Jones says:

Oh wow

Cyblok says:

I think we’re gonna need a rating system, so we can see how the donuts compare to one another

Comrade Bepsi Marx says:


Giordy giordy says:

Im so glad this is a thing

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