Donut County is a Hilarious Stress Reducer About Holes

Donut County review. It’s about swallowing things with a hole, and it’s amazing.

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Froedl Metallmann says:

What pushes my mood is the Retro Revisited channel. Simon does a great retro game news roundup each month.
Also, I bought Donut County instantly due to its characters and humour. Reminds me of Night in the Woods.

YardSale Stalker says:

Paused at 0:38, taking a couple hours to make all the jokes I can… unpausing.

Nicholas Munro says:

Yes, indeed: Some of us – your loyal viewers – could sense you might’ve been a little down of late. Call it intuition, if you will, but, never fear: thou SHALT prevail. After all: This decidedly bizarre and quirky little game has helped a little bit, hasn’t it? 🙂

David Rossi says:

TrashPanda is our word!

NotMeGaming says:

The hole MUST FEED

NotMeGaming says:

no step on snek

jarannalli says:

I think you’re cool

Kenny Strickland says:

Battling mental health is a tough issue, and it actually helps me when other people are open about it, just hearing that someone else is having the same struggle can help. My tendency is to constantly buy things to try and distract myself in that instance maybe this video isn’t that helpful for me because it makes me want to buy more things. That being said, as a fan of several years I hope things you feel better.

Ray Ceeya says:

Katamari Demashi is the first thing I thought of, the second is I’m sorry you’re going through that. Stay tough, you can make it. I got my own problems these days and the end result is some really pretty neighborhoods and parks in Cities:Skylines.

Zac Lambert says:

For what it’s worth, hope you’re doing ok and are able to get through this rough time Roses!

TheSpoonKing says:

Really fun game, much too short, not enough content, cutscenes aren’t skippable so there’s very little replayability. Story was a little pretentious for my taste, and the message is pretty obvious. Apparently modernisation is inherently bad, we can’t understand or interpret anything that isn’t our own lived experience, the comfort of an unchanging world and the ability for people to sit in the mud is more important than improving anything, and of course, stealing is bad.

Dana Eckert says:

I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been struggling, but glad you found something helpful!

VeganCodingNovice says:

thats a hole lotta holes

Sarah says:

If you haven’t played Jazzpunk: Director’s Cut, I highly recommend it! The punny/dry humor is on point and the gameplay doesn’t go on forever. It really helped me to get out of a depressive funk recently.

Steven Noble says:

OK 2 weeks ago I didn’t know who you are, and now I fucking adore you! Can’t stop watching you videos

tsartomato says:

In russian we (fellow kids) actually say lol a lot
But as one word and always flat
Not l o l

Surey D says:

Not sure if I’d pick it up myself, but that’s a pretty good overview of the game. 🙂

SirChubbyBunny says:

With October nearly being upon us, do you plan on reviewing Night Trap some day?

Sequences says:

My current mood demands this game. I’m haven’t been feeling my hole self.

leezuregamr says:

got it on iOS for $5 and you get awesome stickers

Zach Ruminer says:

Please get better, and remember you are loved and liked. Go you!

tsartomato says:

bought and finished the game before finishing the video
the writing is terrible but gameplay is good

FrankGarrett316 says:

You had me at “instant messaging with a raccoon.”

lucimara lima says:

Hope you feel better, take your time we’ll wait for you.

pkunkbwok says:

I expected a very different scenario from ‘Cat Soup’

MrMusicopath says:

if you feel depressed remember that you are a hot girl 😉

MeyerHelps says:

As someone dealing with depression you’re becoming my favorite youtuber. You’re funny, entertaining, and I feel I can relate to you. I use games, tv, and movies the most to cope, and your videos too. I’m glad I found you through LGR. You’re the best!

noutterside says:

Welcome back! We missed you.

Tobias L says:

Haha yess black hole simulator! Hope u feel better roses <3

Sir Longbollox says:

You have a washing bear as friend?! I need this game!

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