Donut County Review

Reviewed by Cam Shea on PC. Also available on Android, iOS, and PlayStation 4.

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QuestionMarc says:

‘Perfect in every way except that it is short. 7.8 out of 10.’ BS

Tim Kuipers says:

So it’s basically Katamari but with a hole

superbrawl98 says:

Is it really true that its only 2hrs?

Kristian Utomo Tobing says:

Kermit 5 says:

*Oh no* IGN plagarized the reveiw from Dunkin Donuts.

Teague Hester says:

Satisfaction at it’s finest.

PugLoko says:

Is this game on the switch?

Obatola Seward says:

So a more refined

Fuelcut says:

Time for me to make the donuts

taylor dell says:

Katamari anyone?

Tim Meekins says:

Reminds me of Katamari.

MrRighteousfish says:

This gives me Katamari Damacy vibes.

Beans says:

“Donut County is almost perfectly formed. It’s absolutely brimming with personality, has a killer soundtrack and visual aesthetic, and is based on an irresistible gameplay hook.”

“7.8/10” ..wut

Finn Marr-Heenan says:

If u watch carefully you can actually see filip’s career falling in a hole

Abysswalker ASMR says:

How come Doughnuts contain dough, but no nuts?

PastoKage says:

Pretty much an hipster Katamari. But heh, might play it one day.

Midnight Ninja says:

Dope. I want it on switch

xEPICxYOSHIx says:

It’s unique, I’ll give it that.

Arc GX says:

7.8 too much holes

icecrmpntjb says:

Reminds me of katamari

wahhaj musthafa says:

7.8 too much hole

Charliebrow16 says:

Is the Australian IGN team essentially just the ex-OPS2 crew? Man, what a time.

hasan munir says:

So a sink hole gets a 7.8?

Alex Yammine says:

so katamari damaci but worse

Happy Hoovy says: campaign looks great

Jason says:

There are a few games on the Apple app store that you play as a infinite hole swallowing everything.. And there free

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