Donut Crazy Review

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AllYourBase says:

can only eat that once a year.

Eric Weirath says:

those donuts are not beard friendly

ArticulatorSK says:

Those doughnuts look insane!  Great stuff!  Although my channel doesn’t have royal rumbles with doughnuts, I might have a few women’s wrestling matches that you might like.  Keep up the good work!

dictionary says:

love the channel

Victor Mcneal says:


Josh says:

Too many Sound Effects, not needed bro. You two are funny enough.

Jesse De Leon says:


Najee Jackson says:

Bruh that’s that Kids Next Door donuts.
Bruh that’s them 4 seasons Donuts.
Bruh that’s that girl scouts on 10!!! Donuts

PhazedStormz says:

Anyone know what happened to his teeth?

Redensity says:

Are you now starting to upload Monday’s now?

ClydeFr0g911 says:

What’s your inspiration that keeps you making videos

Lostless Zero says:

Doughnut roundhouse kicked you like sub zero.

Impetuous Thor says:

Wish this was in New York, I need me some candy land donuts b!

Richard Perez says:

You know time it is! Time to make the donuts! Reggie is the Black Panther of food reviewers. You can’t hang with him.

2 0 says:

What’s so crazy is that i have had celiac for the last 4 years so you can IMAGINE!! In my [2pac voice] How i feel!

Notorious J says:


T.D. Burris says:


Adrienne Dbdhdbd says:

Quick question what happened to your front teeth’s them bitches gone LMAO

Impetuous Thor says:


JonesStreetTv says:

Who are your top favorite tag teams of all time? it can be from wwf/wwe wcw or ECW

thug8200 says:

Voodoo donuts in Portland is the goat

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