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Sprinkled Donut Flavored Protein! Is this for real? Well for the unique and out of the box flavors when it comes to supplements, leave it to MAN Sports to push the limits. These guys are known for having the most creative flavors on the market.

In today’s supplement review we are talking about MAN Sports Iso-Protein. They were nice enough to ship us over two of their flavors, the SPRINKLED DONUT and LOOPY FRUIT. Now right off the bat we can tell you that this is a super clean protein. Straight up whey isolate with little to no fillers added. We can also tell you that surprisingly we liked the LOOPY FRUIT flavor better than the SPRINKLED DONUT! The loopy fruit protein was almost identical to fruit loops the cereal! They freaking nailed it! Overall, we are pleased and always support MAN sports for being a transparent and quality driven supplement company.


MAN Sports Brain Bridge Review ⏩

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thomas mcdonald says:

Man sports is a bomb supplement company

Davide Pannone says:

MAN sport <3. I just wish they would reformulate gameday to a non prop blend. Then it would become probably my fave company alongside northbound nutrition and nutrabio.

SJBIH13 says:

You guys should check out Purus Labs if you haven’t already. Texas based and awesome!

Francisco Iramain says:

There isn’t an ISO-Amino flavor I haven’t loved, MAN rules


Nice reviews! I have all the new Man Iso Flavors right now! I heard another guy compare the Sprinkled Donut to the One Maple Glazed Donut bars. I agree it has a maple taste and it’s really good! I’m totally psyched to try Loopy Fruit now! Have to wait a few since I have quite a few 2lb Proteins already open. Man Sport is killing it with the sups! I did 1 jug of Game Day Sour Batch and it was a little rough going down but I had some solid workouts on it. I bought a few samples of the new Block Buster and OMG the Apple Juice is so good! Also had very solid workouts on BB! Keep it tight Man!

oppermanfitness says:

Good video man need to try this shit! Your reactions seemed impressed so I know it was good!

E Yank says:

man sports is kinda a underrated company, they make some really good shit tho. Their bcaas are great

Alex Goffard says:

This Company should be at par or even above Optimum Nutrition, Dymatize. Man Sports gives you clean, explosive flavor, and results. You see a flavor- It nearly mimics it!

Hayley Miller says:

Do you know if they discontinued Game Day? and if so why?


Good vid, I just found your channel and think it’s dope, just subscribed too. I’m trying to build a community of cool channels too so if you’re down to join, just sub back. Peace!

Devin Foley says:

What are your thoughts about Marc Lobliner’s statements that WPC 80 is superior to a WPI 90 because of less processing needed?

NoCarbs NoSugar says:

Thanks for the video review. Never tried MAN supps. Unfortunately my supp budget is depleted after Black Friday, but I will certainly keep it in mind for my next purchase … sometime next year. LOL 🙂

Rich's Delts says:

$54.99 for 2lbs of protein! Nobodys buying. This is horrible for the industry. Almost as bad as ghosts pricepoint. Not a sustainable business model they will soon find out.

Devin Foley says:

First!! Did someone say doughnuts??

Chad Breedlove says:

Quality is good, flavoring is terrible. Game Day sour batch was terrible! Not even a hint of sour patch candy flavor.

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