Donut food review: Firehouse Subs reuben sandwich

Hey guys. Something a little different.

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Michael Difilippo says:

I feel u on all that negative bullshit!! I love u rescued ur furbaby! I have 2 myself keep up the great work

Will Johnson says:

that is the most awesomest, handsomest and most goodest boy i ever laid my eyes apon donut, you must give him much loves from me.

My Dude Jesus says:

Donut has caught a wild bork bork nom nom.

Nick G says:

This is: *-Running on Empty-* Donut *Food* *Review*

Spam Cannon says:

Love you, Donut. Look after yourself.

austin62halo says:

do more positive police videos less shoots and latters

Exploatores says:

police K9 chopper ?

austin62halo says:

is that you son! damn

Donut Operator says:


Pledge to me on patreon:
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Vinny Swinnich says:

Your very own bork bork!!!

sp Badger says:

If you’re keeping score, I’d watch more of this random ass stuff. I put stuff like this up when I’m doing dishes and stuff.

NOZAKI says:

My friend Ore The Shepherd says:

You could always decide to report more good things about police!

Joey Bagatoni says:

Zelda please!

meabn007 says:

That was a beautiful naked black beast. I like the dog too.

sp Badger says:

Demonitized, you said “police”.

KridikJones says:

back in to the vidya gaem streams? we gonna have swatted part 3?

renegadedog says:

Your mental health is more important than uploading videos. Take some time and relax, make some vlog/review videos. Make videos for the sake of having fun. Just remember that your subscribers have your back! (P.S. your son is hilarious)

Alexander Mackey says:

FUCK honey ham. Bless up donut hole.

Emily vL says:

that Bork Bork is adorable

Victor Vargas says:

What happened to the gunshop videos??

Johnny Doughnuts says:

I dont have anything nice to say.

Thunder Buddy says:

Do ya thang. The stupid, felonious, fun loving miscreants will be there when you are ready to dive back into cop topics.

And ‘wink wink’ you and Mike do make a cute couple!!

LOL.. Happy Fathers day dude (better late than never)

TooMuchSorry ​ says:

Damn dude that backyard needs some TLC

NomNom isStillHere says:

steam sale. fuck vidicon

austin62halo says:

how is fire house subs? we have one but i have not gone there

elgranchet 360 says:


Brent Mortenson says:

Go to vid con! Come hang out in Southern California! I’ll grab brewskies with ya!

Rooowna says:

Still enjoyed your random ass video! Thanks and you have a lot of good ideas, how about Police Station Donuts?!

Dave Rivers says:

I hope you catch your breathe and recharge your batteries.
“When you eat it, the gators come out of you!”

Gulf City Freedom says:

I don’t blame you for taking a break from the negativity Donut. It gets to all of us. We have a world falling apart, we need more positive inspiration, And Jujitsu to kick some Commie Ass.

Primesgirl784 says:

Jeeves is the cutest thing ever and I super disappointed you didn’t tell me about him!

[-SW-] Mad_Dog_Seabee says:

Donut Operator Demonetized for Positivity. 😛

Dirty byrd says:

I found the biggest potato ever!!!!

topaz pitt says:

rescues are THE BESTEST!!
congrats to ALL of you, donut!! 😉

elgranchet 360 says:

Yeah peace ✌️ our

Turncoat Tony says:

Had a German Shepherd Rottweiler mix, best dog ever. Rip nuggles. 🙁

Benjamin McVay says:

Dawwww more Jeeves

Heptacular says:

Space force? We need to focus on the real issue that plagues this country; road pirates harassing innocent boat captains

Eagle Nation says:

How do they demonitize this?

Thundercat68 says:

Awesome Bork Bork!

Acidic Greeny says:

Doughnut reviews

Jesse Maris says:


P. Chretien says:

Your kid is cute and smart. Honey ham is vile. But Im glad he’s not allergic to pokar bears.

Bite Me says:

Donut do a video on this story everyone on there was commenting shitting on cops when a one in a billion story is used to make cops look bad

Grant Oliveri says:

Closest Firehouse subs is a two hour round trip for me. I guess I have to make a trip!

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