Donut Review Supercut – Yogshite #056


MrBaoomTheFirst says:

This is wildly inappropriate

Oscar H Music says:

Someone watches pewdiepie

frognibbler says:

The yogscast, pewdiepie and Ashens in one video?? Oh day of days

Andre Ware says:


relentless ' says:

pewdiepie, yikes

lolageez1 says:

The ashens crossover 😮

Ashens and 4k should do a collab

Antonio Coulton says:

alternate title: 44 seconds of turps mmm-ing

100Peterll says:

watch it with your eyes closed…

sosoane1 says:

does this count as asmr?

Mr Kieran12327 says:

Do a compilation of the times Lewis said “SHUTUP” to everyone in the yogscast

Spaceman Spiff says:

Lol you were very u fortunate on the timing of this one

Dr John Zoidberg says:

Repeat 8327592 times

Xsquad Kc says:

YAAASS! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought of Ben when they saw the shark

Isaac Rayner says:

I feel like 4ksugarglazed’s origin story is the time he ate 24 donuts with the hats

Quinn Lee-Newbury says:


Yourself says:

This is outdated now lol

Beon Pls says:

Bad timing for this video? Or did Turps do his just now cause of this? *:thinking:*

Ryu Cloud says:

Yet another masterpiece

Lee Licayan says:

Why make a good video when you can make a great video?

100Peterll says:

The Bristol Grunter

Julia Leavister says:

I’m here because my friend texted me this video

Cameron White says:

Watching that Ashens video also reminded me of Sharky

Owen Bar says:

when your mom walks in on you because she hears the audio playing through your door..

Rachel Baruch says:


Lloyd Zed says:


Ballin Balgruuf says:

Mmm? Mmm!

Alex Nowak says:

Did I just have sex with Turps?

kairoshin says:

Turps ASMR xD

badcat0607 says:


ZoahPorre says:

ashens? wowza

Noah Allen says:

This makes me want a donut.
I’m hungry now.

Myles Scantlebury says:

I never knew I needed these turps audio files till now

Forrest sos says:

Seems about right.

Aubrey Chapman says:


Psychic Hedgehog says:

The automatic subtitles just translate this as [music] and [applause]

DirtRich says:

Literally just watched Quest for the Game child, and then low and behold an Ashens meme.

Mysuo says:

now I’m hungry

Elizabeth Brown says:

Every pooned shark?

Alex Stephenson says:

Poor turps haha

ManVsZombies24 says:

Oml the ashes memes yesss

The Completionist says:

A wild ashens? What madness is this?

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