Donut Shop Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Glazed Donut Review

This is a taste test/review of the Donut Shop Pillsbury Toaster Strudel in the Glazed Donut variety. They were $2.09 at Target. 1 pastry with icing (55g) = 170 calories

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John Hatcher says:

does it taste like an eclair cream?

Jaden Minter says:

I enjoy ur videos man I subscribed

Ashly Menard says:

I think I would like Glazed Donut Toaster Strudels. They appear to be pretty good.

Aleen R says:

Toaster Strudels are dangerous, it’s hard to eat just one! Canada gets them , but I never see special flavours or limited edition ones =(

Candace Cherry says:

It sounds delicious

Mark Martin says:

I am surprised that you didn’t like these because I loved them so much the first time I tried them that I ate 4 in a row! I suggest that you try these without the icing first in order to get a true appreciation for the inner cream filling. This is how I prefer to eat them because the inner cream filling actually tastes like a cream filled donut but you wouldn’t know that if you put the icing on because when the icing is added on, it overrides the flavor of cream filling completely. This might be why both didn’t care for them.

Shamarr81 says:

Thanks for sharing I’ll buy to try it

ramon carter says:

im the same way i prefer the fruit flavors of these


You gota try the breakfast scramble ones 🙂

Tammy Morrison says:

Tami I just watched a new guy I found on here called Reportof the week… he is so funny please check him out , he reviews food on his channel… just thought you might like a good laugh.

Amari Shaheed says:

I’ve never had toaster strudels could they be better than poptarts ?

Sal Gaita says:

I could never find the new toaster strudels

Zack F says:

Good tip on softening up the frosting. Thanks for that.

Carina says:

Most times (from what I’ve heard) the “limited edition” Toaster Strudels usually are a miss… They aren’t very successful with their execution of them… Not to say they aren’t good… just not a complete flavor profile.

ChristiangirlTracy says:

Hi Tami and Kevin:) Mmm I Love Toaster Sturdel! thank you for the good tip Tami:) Thank You for the Wonderful Review like Always!! Many Many Blessings to you both! Love Ya!!

Luke Carrigan says:

Everything seems to be Glazed or Maple at the minute after I just bought the ONE Bar Maple Donut for first time in ages and the new Quest Maple Waffle. Would you guys review the Entenmanns Banana Bread flavour Glazed Donuts? Limited Edition and I seen on Instagram

John McCormack says:

I was  so disappointed with these.  That stuff in the middle left a really bad after-taste.  I was so unhappy I had to go to Krispy Kreme this morning while the Hot N Ready light was on and get a half-dozen Original glazed.  Sometimes you just have to do something for you-but they are so dangerous-any size coffee is only $1 and I got a large-and before I knew it-I had eaten all 6-I swear they literally melted in my mouth.  I can’t understand why I feel so jittery-LOL.  Cherry is still my favorite strudel since they discontinued the cream cheese ones(plain cream cheese-they still have the strawberry-cream cheese which aren’t bad either).  Glad you were able to find these.

BrandonPlayz3645 says:

Awesome video, that looks so good! 😀

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