DonutDudeHD – Irish Donut Review

DonutDude HD returns with another street donut review. Slam that motherfucking like button!


nikeeweston says:


KN C says:

Sjins O face :p at 3:34

Levi Guerra says:

Sjin looks like he’s lost weight!

D.A.L.P says:

i can feel my heart rate slowing down to a halt while watching this, im getting contact diabetes

horriblewolfgamer says:

Hmm intresting

farfangled says:

I would watch more videos like this, of this duo, is that wrong? ought I to be ashamed?

Darragh Douglas says:

Best donuts in Ireland in my opinion is The Rollin Donut

Rnott rnott says:

This is perhaps the saddest video i’ve ever seen.

Evan Weber says:

rip Sjin’s keto diet

Patrick Mott says:

Should have grabbed that girl by her ankles and swept her feet from under her

Ryn says:

Running on Empty…. Foooood Review!

luke van says:

LOL i would laugh if they made a series of this.

npeq93 says:

The auto caption actually got every “pianist” correct.

Harry Williams says:

I want a review on sjins magnificent fucking beard

Anders august stavøstrand says:

Mum: What are you watching?
Me: 2 grown men eating donut’s

Pela says:

sex, penis, vagina

Escapist says:

Kids have zero social awareness, don’t they.

Cyblok says:

I now ship #Sjurps

Alex Bain says:

Are you boys down near the 3 Arena? was literally a few minutes away like all day today

Tori Innes says:

the heroes we needed but dont deserve

Greg the Worm says:

Nice dought nuts.

Livid Wolf says:

holy shit you guys are in dublin? That’s awesome, welcome to Ireland I guess

X Drake says:

Sex. Penis. Vagina.
A powerful review from Kazoo legend, Sjin.

Freedom Fluffy says:

Fuck you Paul and your beard! Turps is good but fuuccckk Sjins is worth being jelly of

Grant Ez says:

Small Mouth Sjin

Henry Logan says:

what a cunty kid

Luke Marsh says:

it is unbelievable that you can upload “content” like this and still get money from it XD

Alex Stephenson says:

She’s jogging off the donuts

AwesomeAartvark says:

Well, that was the perfect video to end my day on, I _have_ done well, thank you! lol
Also I love Sjin’s donut tasting concentration at 4:41 XD

kairoshin says:

Mmmmm, Turps mouth noises ASMR.

Rajivrocks Ltd. says:

xDDD Donutdude, keep it up, i expect great things!!!!

Jacob says:

Some say he could take down 24 donuts consecutively…
…Those people are wrong.

Mulvo Darkness says:

It was awesome meeting you guys

Crimsonpatty says:

Wow i donut believe it.

Ilona L. says:

Wow, they just sat there and ate donut after donut, after donut… How are you two alive? O_o

Lommyism says:

MLG donut eating content, thanks.

bigtk says:

anybody else thought the girl at 0:30 was going to snatch their donuts? xD

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