Doughnut Time at Victoria, London – 4KSugarGlazed and DonutDudeHD review

First official stop of our London donut tour, Doughnut Time in Victoria in London. Massive donuts for massive reviews!


Gareth Douglas says:

Yoooo I’m 100% checking out Doughnut Time next time I’m in Melbourne

Sam J Twist says:

Now that’s a tasty nut.

Jack Draws says:

This man… just yes

Smol Honeybun says:

“My hands are messy, my face is messy. Mum’s spaghetti.” -4KSugarGlazed 2018

Corey says:

Huh, interesting to see the result of doughnut time branching out from Australia to the UK after it basically collapsed here after not paying their employees and was sold off.

Metallics D'n'B says:

God I’ve missed these

Cylorne says:

“That nut feels good in my mouth.” – Turps 2018

Kimberly Anderson says:


Crok says:

Why am I getting so fucking hyped about this

Mads-Henning Jensen says:

The 2 people who disliked are wasps

Léa Kirova says:

This video made me gag but also hungry for donuts… weird…

Zulamun says:

Was someone riding a horse in the middle of london, or was there a knight bashing coconuts together searching for the holy grail? @2:18

Wolfencreek says:

Turps is gonna burn through all the Yogscast Ad revenue if he keeps buying donuts.

Fritz Jackson says:

I never thought I’d see a channel like the Yogscast emulating the unedited, wholesome nature of underground, low-viewership youtube. The lack of editing, the not catchy names, and the complete serious attitude about it all.

John White says:

I dream to one day have the kind of influence turps has to get a personal sjin to hold donuts for me while I become fatter per donut.

Kimberly Anderson says:

I would have tried the Stranger Rings, and the red and green one, was that apple?

TheSam723 says:

This is a serious review now, I came for jokes and left with a solid foundation and understanding of Doughnuts

MrMinnimonster says:

2:57 Sjin is so ready for that doughnut

SSheep says:

funny thing is that doughnut time almost went outta business

Katja Elliott says:

Is it a cake or yeast donut? Come on guys give us the dets

KlaxonCow says:

So much for that diet, eh, Sjin?

PD Guitar says:

Sjin could make a video mowing his lawn, and I’d still watch it

Avid Writer says:

The next day, they both had super diabetus!

Foxhaven2482 says:

Should also have Sips on this tour and his code name could be DayOldDonut

Suren Bharwani says:

2:56 Sjins like i hope he offers me a bite, lookin at that glazed goodness

TjDolHaus86 says:

It’s going to be really hard giving up that powder habit when you get the diabetus. Enjoy!

MysticJhn says:

Those are some hella big donuts, but damn I want that whole box.

Zag 63 says:


joshuascapeable says:

Can’t believe Sjin is making videos with Rickey Gervais eating donuts.

Blake Ward says:

Doughnut time in Australia went bust because they didn’t pay their staff properly….. good doughnut though

Dodo The Donkey says:

I want someone to look at me like sjin at 4:16

Aaron Claydon says:

now I’m starving. thanks

Liam_TheLlama says:

Donut time is dead in Australia sadly

Alex Stephenson says:

3 vids wooooooooo

ace69er says:

D I A B E T E S ! ! !

Alex Stephenson says:

Vegan donuts huh? Good to see there’s no meat in it

Tennyson Paul says:

Sjins face for the entire video is the real entertainment

Valiant Fart Panda says:

captain america with no red white &blue? captain of somethin but not america that’s for sure

Robert Porter says:

“Holy shit those are massive nuts”-Turps 2018

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