DOUGHNUT TIME FOOD REVIEW… $6.70 Doughnut’s!?!?!??! – Fast Food Friday – Greg’s Kitchen

Could this be the worlds most EXPENSIVE doughnut?!?! This weeks fast food friday food review takes me to Doughnut Time, a doughnut shop, that in 2 short years, now boasts over 20 stores Australia wide! Lets go buy one to see what all the hype is about and be bewildered at the cost of this sugar coated cake. If the doughnut doesn’t give you a heart attack, the cost of it surely will!
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Rodregez Butterfinger says:

Greg, I’d love to have a Gaytime with you. <3

Goku London says:

really well produced content.

Audrey McBee says:

What?! Screw that!! Pay that much to eat empty fattening calories?! Hell no!!

vengeance1701 says:

Christ. No way. Feck off for that price.

Uhh Mitch says:

look at all that g-anus!

H.E. Pennypacker says:

Hey Greg.I thought it was expensive here in the states.That’s a bend you over at the door and send you out walkin funny rape job.I complain about a $1.50 donut here.LOL

Robbo says:

thats what she said…..ALWAYS FUNNY A.F

john anderson says:

go to 7/11 and pay 3 bucks each

martin quinn says:

What about a gay old time

Bill y says:

you are good.

Jordan Hayes says:

Just having one now

Justin Felderhof says:

this guy is such a loser! he annoys me so much!

The Buchanan Family says:

Omg they are so expensive!! Just kinda looked like supermarket donuts! Good review

Elbie Low says:

imo, ‘aint worth getting oridinary donuts but ‘sdefinitely worth getting donuts with filing. =]

halofornoobs93 says:

Lol, for that price you could have been a whole batch of both of those. jesus, that a rip off

Barstool Blues says:

Looks like a lame ass hipster donut shop. 5 bucks a piece? Fuck outta here.

Bb says:

I would have loved it if during your critique you threw the left overs out of your vehicles window and driven off.

Brigette Wallace says:

I have been to one of there shops before in sydney oh and i got the m&m one

Kurt H says:

that hair game tho

slientkill li says:

the dough is definitely too dense, charging 7 bucks a piece for that is bs

Nyan Quake says:

Oh Grego, THAT ISNT THE MOST EXPENSIVE DONUT!!! If you think dougnut’s time donuts are expensive, then hear me out on the worlds most expensive donut….

ITS $100

Channel DeFUNKt says:

geez you’re such a cheapskate. I’d gladly pay $7 for a doughnut.

Faiqal _x1103 says:

U look like Logan in the movie logan

martin quinn says:

What how expensive

TomHill665 says:

You can get a dozen doughnuts from an artisan shop in the US for the price of the two purchased.

Audrey McBee says:


Veiga Grims says:

Even more expensive then in Iceland :O thats crazy!

Lara Bell says:

Hi I just wanted to ask what do u film and edit on

Mike H says:

I thought 2/10 on price was pretty generous. You’re a kind, kind man.

Account Suspended says:

There are now a few doughnut time spots in London. Never bothered going to one as it’s got nothing but stereotypical millennial idiots

Koala Plays says:

Here’s a little info of donuttime How does one tiny hole-in-the-wall doughnut store in Brisbane become a household name less than a year after opening its window for the very first time? They say timing is everything…

Founded by enigmatic hospitality entrepreneur Damian Griffiths in 2015, Doughnut Time has rapidly become a real Australian success story, and a benchmark for how a simple concept can capture the imagination of the public. Despite now having more than 15 locations across Australia as well as recently opening our first international store in the UK, our recipe for success remains the same; 

The business continues to grow each month with a clear vision and strategy in place to bring the Doughnut Time brand to more Australians, as well as employing an ever-expanding team of over 300 hard-working staff.

TheLilbro999 says:

Food review? Food review by an idiot who doesn’t keep his eyes on the road when he’s driving. Needs to remove himself from the human gene pool for doing stupid shit.

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