Dum Dums Donutterie London – 4KSugarGlazed and DonutDudeHD Review

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Mgrow says:

It would have taken about 20 -25 minutes on the Tube ya amateurs.

James Thomas says:

Turps…if you’re still in London hit me up. Crosstown doughnuts right next to shoreditch, where I live.

Nick .L. says:

Rip turps’s and shin’s taste buds. I lived in England for a year and hostess made better donuts than Sainsbury’s.

Vishy Salmundi says:

do a doughnut crawl race

Vanilla_Vortex says:

I like how that guy sat down for like five seconds before realizing he didn’t want to sit with the donut dudes

Goron204 says:

We need more donuts!!

Alex Stephenson says:

Turp’s beard is still glorious

Ben Arthur says:

the plain ones are crap but the jam filled ones are actually pretty alright.

Icky-vicky95 says:

Reds true barbecue has a donut burger, I highly recommend it and there’s one in Shoreditch I believe

Turbo Twinky says:

I love HD, but I wanted “Lewis “TheSugarDaddy” Brindley

Matt James says:

I actually like those cheap bags of donuts, the jam donuts are nice

siv9939 says:

When are we getting some 4KSugarGlazed and DonutDudeHD merch?

HyperNova says:

Go to Rinkoff bakery in Stepney Green. Best donuts

Chris M says:

Get these Sains donuts, cut them in half and put some jam/nutella/peanut butter and then toast those bad boys. Tried and tested.
– DoOrDonut

SpoonieMcspoonington says:

Hey i like those boring cheap donuts to be fair though we are about 200 miles from a krispy kreme

Rue Bert says:

HAH more like donutdude420

Brian To says:

Turps, I passed there today as well and saw they had no donuts too. FeelsBad

Aj Nar says:

@Turps if you are still in London selfridge’s has special edition super fancy Krispy Kreams!!! please review

MattyFez says:

Punished DonutDude: a man deprived of his glaze

Daxt3rDeFluff2 says:

That reaction was hilarious

Marioroops says:

Great job hosting the Jurassic Bakeoff

Rhino Guy says:

Words can not express the sadness I feel right now

Nelluc says:

You went to a place that doesn’t make their own doughnuts?!! Please come to America for good doughnuts especially in the south like Memphis. Where Alton Brown has his favorite doughnut shop Gibson’s.

ukshadowwolf! says:

U should do a blind doughnut guessing game

PD Guitar says:

Morrisons is where it’s at

Alex Stephenson says:

70p is good value even if it is the kind that tastes like bread

josav09 says:

Boxpark Shoreditch?

Sorta Strategy says:

Dungeons and Donuts in Galway!!! If you’re ever here 😛

Joe Green says:

I bought those same Sainsbury’s doughnuts earlier after watching your previous videos!

ZeroSurvivalRate says:

Thanks for giving it your all even though the real shop was closed, doughnut bois. Now this is what I would call Dedication to The Nut. X’D

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