Dunkin’ Donuts® | Chocolate Cake Batter Donut Review! 🍫🎂🍩

Today I review the NEW Chocolate Cake Batter Donut from Dunkin’ Donuts®! A yeast donut with chocolate frosting and confetti decorated on top filled with a Chocolate Cake Batter filling. About a year ago I reviewed the Vanilla Cake Batter Donut! Which one will I prefer? I will link the Vanilla Cake Batter review below.

But do I ENDORSE it? Please watch and find out.

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Vanilla Cake Batter Donut Review – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV-oG8jYTsA&t=8s




Peep THIS Out! says:

LIKE#1! 🙂

Eddie Sharp says:

Great review!

John McCormack says:

They can keep their doughnut but I am so nabbing one of those cups-half mocha,half-coconut cream for 99 cents…oh yeah.  Thanks for the info.

Allison Hotton says:

yes, I love their cake battter donuts , great job!

Matt O'Brien says:

Thanks for uploading…was going to say…didn’t they bring this out already? LOL… Looks so good

Becca M says:

Yummy! Now i want donut! Lol

drfalcon4102 says:

the way you tore that up, I thought 95, but hey,, im tired,

Cathy F says:

How did you get your hands on this donut? The DD press release said they are being released on Memorial Day. Also, the vanilla cake batter donut this year has vanilla frosting which is different from last year. I’ve been waiting for this release since last July. Cake Batter donuts are hands down my favorite!

Living Large on Lifetime says:

I can’t even go there with donuts – I will eat a dozen if I eat one! Hey, are you in New York?? I’m going to be in New York soon! It would be so fun to do a food review with you hahahaha!

TheTrumpets3 says:

I thought with you liking this donut so much and finishing it … your rating would be at least a 90. Anyway… will give this donut a try

CJ Cutter says:

I’ll stick with my glazed preference!

Pamela Warren says:

#noshame you really enjoyed that. You downright convinced me to want that. Luckily (for my waistband) I’m stuck in Canada.

Medium is 28 oz? Damn

Matt Covington says:

Must win for your Celtics tonight Hoff. I can’t believe the Warriors only scored 12 in the 4th last night, crazy. Nice review by the way!

David Thacker says:

I went to my local DD/BR and splurged on a rocky road milkshake. GLORIOUS!!!

Sorcerer Heidi says:

Wow – wish I had watched this when you put this out yesterday – was with a friend @ DD. Woud have gotten this and shared, so only have to feel 1/2 bad. 🙂 Looks DELISH!!!! Thanx, as always!

Gary20O says:

Mmmmm, looks good!! 🙂

Balinda Barks says:

I think I’ll pass on this one.
But the coffee sounds great!

Bert Plocharski says:

Wow, that looks good. I have got to go the extra 5 miles to get one of these donuts. I have been very busy working, I will send you the foodie cemetery marker design I do. I have done a Shipley’s donuts logo on a marker before (do you have them in your area). BTW…congrats on your Celts, back to to Cleveland, it’s goig to go 7 I bet. Funny, we know how sweet you like your women now too…LOL

You Got Mossed!! says:

You seem like such a chill dude. I would hang with you anytime Endor!

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

Hurt me daddy. Nice

The Badcompany Gaming says:


journey_with _jay says:

Gonna give this bad boy a try. Didn’t really care for the other one. But since this is as sweet as Taylor Swift how could I not give it a try.

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