Dunkin’ Donuts New Donut Fries & Brown Sugar Cold Brew – Fast Food Review – Full Nelson Eats A Lot

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Lil' Dreamer Spirit says:

I’m eating them rn I like themmm

Danny Hoyt says:

Where is this dunkin Donut’s location at

RobynMarieBeauty says:

Had them this morning! I was into them.

TopTea With Desteni says:

great video!!!

omg Uhrosion says:

Five guys bacon burger

Elizabeth Rickard says:

I can imagine the conversation in the marketing meeting of whether to go with churros or fries… Nacho fries, chicken fries… They went with fries lol.. Also, Brown sugar cinnamon pop tarts were my fave as a kid so I bet I’d like this combo 🙂


Hi, man ,I feel so tasty.

TwoFaceEnt says:

BOOM! You made me go start the car & get my kids ready to go get doughnuts LOL! Respect – Fred

Antonio Olivo says:

Ay wayy them churros.

Melissa Pando says:

It has been torture living on Maui without any DD around. Miss my Ice Coffees from them. All we have is Krispy Kremes and their iced coffees are crap.

K H7 says:

Dunkin’ is great quality without having to spend so much $! Gonna get me a brown sugar coffee tomorrow morning.

Oh yeah , why “Full Nelson”?

Alexis Richardson says:

How did they make fries with no dip? They definitely should have an icing or chocolate dip included.

Tina Sommerville says:

First one here ☝

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

DD is my spot my brother

Snack King Cole says:


Floyd Waters says:

Man you working on your day off, well just don’t get fired on your day off. Man making me hungry mane with these sweets!

Danny Phantom says:

Their coconut donuts are life

Lance Tieger says:

You’re on your game today. DD makes pretty good coffee.

The Badcompany Gaming says:

These remind me of Checkers funnel cake fries. These are especially good when you add chocolate or strawberry sauce for dipping.

The Badcompany Gaming says:

Make sure to use Master Pass on the Dunkin Donuts mobile up & save money all summer long. Just a tip from your boy B.C.

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