Dunkin’ Donuts NEW DONUT FRIES

How to make Donut Fries at home:

Dunkin’ Donuts now has Donut Fries, so we had to give them a try!

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anthony roberts says:

Looks like there just French toast sticks.

stylist1285 says:

I feel like these would have been awesome with a cream cheese icing dip to dip them in.

Mary Gibson says:

OO so glad you did saved me some calories THANK UUU I love light and airy too!!

STMM Blu-ray/DVD Reviews says:

Just an update from my comment yesterday. I just got back from Dunkin Donuts and tried the Donut Fries my verdict is they were ok kind of reminds me of french toast sticks. Our Dunkin Donuts has a Baskin Robbins attached so I had a milkshake which may be why I thought they were ok. Great video, keep them coming!

Judy Nevitt says:

I swear! John, I would love to hang with you, Cathy and Robin. Bet we could drink a beer eat some BBQ and tell some stories. Good thing we don’t have any Drive-throughs where I live. we don’t even have a stop light. By the way Cathy you can aford some extra Calries .

Tonya Bryant says:

Try the Brewhouse burger from Burger King.. has a BUDWEISER sauce (for the 4th)!!! Sounds good but who knows lol

Candace Cherry says:

I wanted tew tary them but wasent haef yet

Leslie Skye says:

LOL Did he get his mountain dew?lol

IndyDuane says:

almost sounds like they are bread sticks ???

Living saving says:

I think you should have John as a regular on the show. He is very funny and adds the entertaining factor. Whenever he complains tell him to stop being a sissy lol.

Beverly Maloy says:

YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would try them, love you and John as a team 🙂

CJ Cutter says:

Eating dirty I’m in!

heather king says:

They look like French toast sticks to me ! Can’t wait to try them soon

CharsBeautyCorner says:

Kind of reminds me of French toast sticks

Steve Jones says:

basically BK french toast sticks.

Freakin' Reviews says:

You can see the excitement quickly fade after the first couple of bites. I’m glad you tried them first! Nice video!

mjhonold says:

Pickle donuts now that sounds good!! I did try KFC’S Pickle Fried Chicken Sandwich and that was good!! I won’t be trying donut fries!! Thanks for the review!!

Leslie Skye says:

John makes a great side kick 🙂

Cal Oberg says:

Oooooo, now I crave a pickle donut. 😉

murray muncy says:

Are they like mini, stale churros????

Vickie Clark says:

Thanks for the review–guess I won’t be getting these. My favorite donut is a glazed cruller followed by glazed donut holes.

Anita 3kids says:

Looks like a miniature French Toast stick… Maybe it’s better made fresh. Most DD around my way are just shipped to the store. Haven’t heard about them in NJ but that isn’t anything new. Cathy, get John his Mountain Dew!!! Lol

Leslie Skye says:

We live straight down the street from dunkin dunuts /baskin robins

JAX ACDC says:

Thank you for sharing. I was sceptical of these. You definitely showed that they are not that good. JAX ACDC

Donna H says:

I had the same reaction. I was so looking forward to something more like a funnel cake, lighter and airier. Big thumbs down from me.

Richard Mika says:

hes a secret chick we wont tell should try jimmy jons dont have them here i made chinese fryed sticks few times but need lot of oil for it

DianddraD says:

you might want to blur your card out so they dont see your info.

Putting Jesus First says:

I literally didn’t know they were a thing until I rolled up to the drive through window about 40 minuets ago and saw the reminder for the cashier. Yep 🙂 God bless

Delilah Drew says:

Watch your vids ALL the time, just never comment (like ever).

My ONLY suggestion would to blur the plates of the driver in front of you in the drive-in.

Truly annoyed that these fries are such a disappointment, I was hoping to hear it tastes similar to a churro or funnel fries lololol. Thank you for saving me the calories!!!

hothamandfauri says:

Donut Fries???
Combining two of my favorite things???
Donuts and fries???
I can taste the diabetes just thinking about it!!!

danish8669 says:

Aren’t they just mini Churro’s. The commercial shows them in another pack with a low front to give the appearance they are longer. Great job controlling yourself at the drive through John, Although John drinking Mountain Dew, and eating  Sugary foods may lead to a pretty hilarious video. Great Job as always. Be safe on the 4th

Kelli says:

I’m with John I hate drive thru’s they mess up orders even worse than inside majority of the time and it’s not easy ready the menu when you’re a passenger.

PXT1958 says:

Alright, John is back. I needed a laugh today. Whiner? Not John. The Mountain Dew does explain the ADHD though. John proved he’s from the south when he said, “There’s sugar and cinammon going everwere.” That’s how I say it when I’m just talking.

Leana_ya'know says:

I gotta say – I love you, Robin and John!!! Great trio you three make!!

Don W says:

Sorry that I’m late to the party…… Two bucks for that little bag of disappointment? I think not! Did I see John give Cathy the finger? Hmmmm. Great review you two! Keep ’em coming.

ken strampe says:

HAHAHA great review, its time you let him know who’s boss, next time give John a pacifier. i personally dont do doughnuts to often but when i do they are the pudding filled ones. at my age i should have been watching what i eat by your age, mid thirties. i use to love to eat doughnuts and cakes all the time i mean arent they a healthy food group? bread, dairy, eggs, and if you get the ones with veggies and nuts you can add vegetables and grains. lol

Leslie Skye says:

LMAO Cathy I must say with all the pickle themed reviews you had me there for a minute with the pickle donut lol

DutchBikeBlogger says:

Question: You did a Q&A with Rachel and yourself a while ago. Now with Robyn as a regular and John as a guest, would it be a good idea to do a Q& A with the three of you guys ? Would be a great video, I am sure . Another question: Why is your husband not a regular guest Cathy ?

7heRedBaron says:

With the popularity of pickles this year, why not call them donut pickles or donut spears? They don’t seem to have anymore in common with a donut, a pickle or a fry. Considering how much thought the average person puts into any decision, I’m surprised they didn’t just outright steal trademarks and put out donuts named Whopper and Big Mac.

Koolie Aid says:

John should have tenure. #justsayin

Kamala 88 says:

Sorry but I like the videos without the complainer,  he gets old fast as a viewer.

Gaye Lee says:

I’m kinda glad they weren’t good. Now I don’t have to go get some! John is a hoot!! Great video!

Nikki Bailey says:

2 cent chick and dick! Lmfao just kiddin love John

Anton EightBall says:

The 2¢ Johns

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