Hey guys today I am trying DD new items! I hope you enjoy!

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aquaticpimp says:

Great review. I love food reviews. I have never had any of this but love Dunkin’ Donuts. Gonna have to try the pretzel donut an Mango drink cause they look bomb.

Jessica Rikard says:

Do you follow poweredbyicecream on ig??? He did something similar today. I just think it’s funny with you guys being ice cream and sprinkles

Nyachang Deng says:

you should do a chipotle mukbang

Perry Schwarz says:

Hi Ashley. Good review and great watching your vid. You love food! You should really review voo-doo doughnuts if you are ever traveling through Portland, Oregon. You would be in doughnut heaven. If in N Y the doughnut plant would be a good stop. My treat to you. Enjoy. Perry.

Kaitlyn Griffith says:

hi Ashley just subscribed a few days ago and I am so glad I found you because I like how honest you are and stuff also
when it gets around Halloween time can you please see if there are any new foods at Tim Horton’s or a place like that

thank you- Kaitlyn

neida sorto says:

next time check before your stuff before you leave. They mix up your stuff sometimes. And like I said before try the muffins!!! They’re so good! The sandwiches they make are pretty good too.

Marlena Tan says:

lol i died. “that was so disrespectful”

Violet Martinez says:

Here to support girl power on YouTube. Like your work and I’m sure that unlike your male countrtparts you’ll eat a sandwich with ALL the veggies. Those boys are wimps lol!!!

scottmthw says:

I like your cheek piercings. I don’t know what they’re called but do you have the ones on your lower back?

Makaveli says:

My hunger pains have now gone away

Amy Lynn says:

Yep. Not suprised. All of their “flavored” iced coffees pretty much taste the same, unfortunately. We have literally 15 dunkin donuts where I live, and they have hyped me up with different flavors SO many freaking times, only to be disappointed. I will, however, recommend their chicken salad on a toasted everything bagel…that’s the only thing I can ALWAYS bank on lol! Nice vids!! ✌

Fatirrah Muhammad says:

your studio eating it

Carmen-Kor&Jap says:

That pretzel donut looks delicious! Sadly, here in The Netherlands they only sell regular donus occasionally. Do you have a favourite type of donut or a recommendation for whenever I get the chance to try donuts? 🙂

Lynne Williamson says:

dooo nuts ha ha love it

Fatirrah Muhammad says:

stop hating

Desirae Marie says:

I want to try that coffee!

ch ch says:

green hair…my fav color

Sherry Whitby says:

Oh man I just hate it when you get home and it turns out they messed up your order ! Your video was fun as always! My Husband would love that mango pineapple tea. He loves fruit flavored teas. I have to say this video reminded me of what happened to us…. We went to sonic and came home with it, I got a cheeseburger and when I opened it there was no burger patty on it !!! it was just condiments and bun. And this happened not once but twice on two different occasions 🙂 from now on we check our burgers to make sure we actually get a burger patty when ordering a cheeseburger! what a concept 🙂

cruz herrera says:

that’s looks good.

chaos says:

Ashy so pretty

HunnykinsGirl says:

Gawwd I am starving.

EliteXL Bullies says:

Can’t watch you tonight… I’m too hungry. I’ll definitely be back tomorrow for this tho!

Roaring Sky says:

Nice video, I’m a new subscriber by the way! Also, I suggest checking your order before you leave and make sure everything is alright cause people nowadays mess up orders sooooo much :/

its_shang says:

“it’s just a regular donut. that’s so disrespectful.” hahahaha

Yanan S says:


SuperImJustMe123 says:

i don’t know what doughnut you got but that was definitely NOT the peanut butter chocolate croissant doughnut. Its supposed to have peanut butter inside and a chocolate drizzle on top. They gave you the wrong one!

Nae Inc. says:

Has anyone ever told you, you look like Rocky from BGC?

unclecow says:

bummer still a good video tho

Juan says:

Congrats on 6k

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