I got lucky enough to try and do a food review on the NEW DUNKIN’ DONUT REESE’S PEANUT BUTTER CUP DOUGHNUT. Scheduled to launch Monday August 31st I was able to get my hands on this new flavor 4 days early. But do I endorse it? Please watch and find out. And as always – Please LIKE / COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! ~ Thank You ~



Rosa4Real says:

This looks yummy! I had one here in the UK from Krispey Kreme (reese’s) and omg it was heavenly!!!
I bet you enjoyed the hell out of that lol 😉
great review !

Sean Williams says:

looks so good

710chiLLsesh says:

Glad I’m not a bum who buys one donut ! Who’s with me this guys a tool

Jason Rios says:

Yeah I think they kind lacked the fillin on the doughnut oh you probably got a bad batch.. good review

Nick Manzione says:

My god, you just gave me my next reviiew

Leslie Mayorga says:

I’ve never eaten a donut. (Cookies are another story!) My younger daughter would love this donut!!! Another review in. the. books! I guessed 87.

lydellscooby says:

OMG!!! Best analogy evar! Lol. You were expecting a PS4 but you got a PS3

larry ehret says:


Reggie Scorfino says:

2 of my favorites!!!!!!! great job knocking this out early! you have been on a mission lately!

themissalliecakes says:

yayyy I’m glad you did this review. I think you know how I feel about donuts. I’ve been dying to see if people like these or not. I haven’t tried it yet. I’m anti stuffed donuts but Reese’s filled sounds pretty darn good. I think I’d be disappointed with the amount of filling (or lack there of) inside that donut too. I’m gonna have to give it a go! thanks for the review !!

Harmony _ says:

You described this exactly how I expected once I saw that filling. Bummer. I’d want more of a peanut butter and less fluff, whatever that might be (frosting, cream?) I also agree with adding actual Reese’s cups somewhere. Even if it was mixed in with that peanut butter fluff and shot inside. This just seemed too generic to hold the Reese’s name. Thumbs up for keeping it real.

Rickugg says:

Hello:  I was thinking the same thing. Just cut the hot donut in half and sat the butter cup in the middle and slap it back together while it hot. I want hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream. And old blue the mule wants a 5th of Jack.

goodi2shooz says:

nice food porn music at the beginning there, BAM chicka wow wow! can’t believe we have to wait another year to get our dang Dunkin Donuts, until then I live vicariously through you!

christina carp says:

i wish i couldve tried this… i love reeses… never saw it before 🙁

Food Observations says:

Ok, so DD is not very common here in SoCal, but we happen to have a new one recently opened in our small town of Ramona. I just might have to get in there to try this one since Reese’s are my favorite candy. My hopes aren’t high though :/
I’m satisfied with my PS3, so maybe I’ll like it 🙂

Happy Man Snacks says:

Showing me donuts all up in my face noggin that i can’t have… 🙁 I actually like to go with a traditional jelly donut… but who am I… Awesome review my brother!!

bryan725 ! says:

could have been epic, like the Endorsement! more filling and its over!

LCJ farms says:

the filling varies from store to store and sometimes from baker to baker

drfalcon4102 says:

Maybe , with a large cup of coffee,,,, I love Dunkins coffee,,, cute review,, and no thin patty jokes.

RobZ231 says:

I’ve never been to dunkin doughnuts!!! But you have convinced me to try it omg you had me at recess!!

Kassie Martins says:

You seemed so excited to try this donut, but I can tell you were disappointed once you had a taste. I agree that by having the peanut butter cup smack in the middle, it would’ve had the full taste to it. I guessed no more than 85 for this review. I was close!

Cat Sieja says:

Peanut butter and powder sugar = Reeses peanut butter. Maybe I’ll pick one up on “4-20”. LOL. Honestly, I think you got ripped off again…sorry. However you did a great review!! Dance on your tonsil noggins..(totally legit)

LadyFoamz says:

thanks, great review, now I know what you expect! #reeseslover

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