Dunkin’ Donuts Review No. 2

Part 7 of a review series, where I go to various group hangout places and interact with people.

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Baiyon – Wheel Window


•Momi Sami• says:

Oof the drama

Its boy 4 says:


Yuki Senpai says:

Get rekt you banned lol stupid

Cat Dogs says:


Manuel Mendes says:
Alice Potatoes :3 says:

This is a bad cafe…

Dino:Roblox & More! says:

Right there are the nice people who do there job correctly (me and my friends and lots of others) and there are the idiots that go to troll

TeM DrEemUR says:

when v5 released yesterday and you already know most of the spots

JaBrix says:

How did he curse

Tag, You’re it And Milk and cookies ;-; says:

Wait how did you bypass the filter, though, I need step by step on how that’s possible, (curiosity overtook me)

iiFierce says:

How did people chat curse words and they weren’t tags?

Guigui player09 says:


THE GAME B0I says:

Litl bi o mix spiace

Zombie says:

If I was a game creator I’d let everyone troll or glitch and if a hr would ban Id fire them

YourUnicorn00 says:

How do you swear?

Koux says:

How does he even bypass the filter

TheMemeLord2000 says:

2006-2009 it was an fun kids game 2015-2017 is an job for adults

Kenny Smith says:

All bitch slaps
8:03 – Otherworldly slap
8:42. – Otherworldly slap

The egyptian Lord says:

Category: Education
Makes sense

The Greek Winter Queen says:

If you get banned for trolling into an only game, it’s owner’s fault. :3

jagern says:

i just joined the game and then a guy said that i have many reports. WHAT NOOO I DID NOT HAVE ANY REPORTS I JUST STARTED PLAYING TODAY!!!!

Raymax Rogue says:

wtf how do u say the curse words without being hashtag’ed?

superilyes25 RBLX says:

‘you have no job’

Dino:Roblox & More! says:

I don’t get paid for working here …..but at least I’m aloud to dress like trash

Noobify Unknown says:

more like drunkin donuts

Mr Pibb says:

Leave it to guy to break in to a restaurant

Athalia Kawaii says:

I got got
banned for spamming xD

Isabella Vazquez says:

how the hell isnt it censored

Bryce Endecott says:

They don’t have security roles anymore.

ROBLOX_ says:

This is too funny

Talidia says:

You can’t say “Nigga” stfu . like fr

idr0ps says:

It’s the type of game where HRs are just a bunch of ODers

Brightly-Dim_ ヅ says:

i legit hate those type of robloxians they always ban you for no reason

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