Today I celebrate DUNKIN’ DONUTS® DAY by reviewing the 2nd NEW donut that they just released. The S’MORES DONUT!

Based in a yeast-doughnut shell, the S’mores flavor is then topped with, of course, Hershey’s chocolate, adorable teeny-tiny marshmallows and bits of graham crackers. This is also the first time the marshmallow filling, inside the S’mores doughnut, is going nationwide. (Dunkin’ tested the S’mores doughnut as well as a Peanut Butter-and-Marshmallow doughnut square, both in upstate New York for a limited time last year.) Sounds amazing!

The have also released a CHOCOLATE DRIZZLED STRAWBERRY CROISSANT DONUT that I reviewed earlier today – https://youtu.be/VnZuYn_o8MA

As for THIS donut – it sounds VERY interesting but do I ENDORSE it? Please watch and find out.

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Bert Plocharski says:

I liked your reviews, wish I could eat that much sugar (my doctor would cringe if she knew ate these)….I have to stay with my plain cake donuts and blueberry cake, less sugar and better for coffee dunking…but your reviews are as usual very tempting for sure…good job!!! have a good holiday weekend.

Yolo Maybe says:


Sean Williams says:

looks good

Andy Dufresne says:

Come now… It’s Topanga. Don’t worry though, she’s my girlfriend anyway 😛

Nannerchan says:

I tried both new flavors today and I can’t pick a favorite. They were both awesome.

King PotBelly says:

Don’t even think that I missed that first verse my man, got my head bobbin!

Mr. Graves says:

TBH,I like saying your intro and outro with you

Kentucky Ranger says:

OK, no s’more jokes…

Elizabeth D says:

Good Lord, that S’mores doughnut looked amazing!

Matt Covington says:

Hoff, what’s up bro! Great job on the review. Happy 4th to you and your family. Where’s Minkus???

Kim D says:

I think you meant “Topanga “…..

Suzy Whitten says:

Now THAT is a donut !!!

Outlaws Generation says:

Oh my god that looks delicious.

FitAngie says:

God that looks delicious ! Sugar rush for sure lol

Sorcerer Heidi says:

Like I said in the strawberry cronut review earlier, my local DD didn’t have these new doughnuts yet this morning. I MIGHT be tempted to try this 1, although it will probably ne too sweet for me to really like it, since I don’t really like marshmallow for that reason.

Hope you’ll enjoy a happy and safe 4th!

Mary Gibson says:

U need to be punished showing that to me in the middle of the night lolololo

journey_with _jay says:

nice trip down memory lane with the boy meets world reference. thumbs up for the hot bars at the end. you my friend are going places

Styling Curves says:

Lol love the intro! Dang how am I going to loose any weight watching these tasty videos #thestruggleisreal

JDS Lawcare & Landscape says:

I’ll be sure to try these 2 new donuts if my local DD has it out yet looks very yummy

Jack Cooley says:

bro, have you ever rated something a 100? I thought I’d seen all your videos but maybe not if you have cuz I have yet to see a 100

The Badcompany Gaming says:

Nice singing voice E! This Smores donut looks just as good as the other donut that you reviewed. I gotta be like Pokemon… Gotta catch ’em all!

Roland Mendoza says:

#dunkindonutfever endorsement that’s all you endorse it #ownit

virtue says:

Word up biatch! Stores rock! Happy 4th endorser!

Morgan Garrett-Mills says:

I just ate a s’mores doughnut just now

David Thacker says:


Critical Eats Japan says:

Awesome, man —you nailed it, that looks like a winner!

Видео обзор кукол для девочек says:

Друзья, прелестное начало новой недели! Great start for the new working week!

Queen Alice Toys says:

Друзья, наша вам поддержка! Умнички! Our dear friends, we are always happy to support you!

Kentucky Ranger says:

YAY! It’s a donut! S’more or less…

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