Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Cake Batter Donut & S’mores Iced Coffee Reviews – Wreckless Eating

Welcome to CarBS! On this show Matt Zion will be reviewing food/drinks in his car to get them out to the fans asap! Today Zion reviews Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Cake Batter Donut & S’mores Iced Coffee!

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Punch_Bowl_Turd says:

dunkin’ coffee is so weak that bitterness dont exist. tim hortons now thats coffee.

Abnormal Vloggers! says:

I just wish Starbucks wasn’t so Damn expensive lol

Keshawn Norris says:

love your videos

Simon Elias says:

Does anyone else want to see Matt Zion vlogs? Like the walking around Walmart, target, places looking for foods to review. Also setting the camera in the car to vlog/review. I know Snapchat kind of does this but more proper life vlogging.

Feedback Reviews says:

I believe dunkin doughnuts doesn’t make their doughnuts in house. My friend worked for them and she was baking in a warehouse for multiple stores.

Mecha Ash says:

Mmm Dunkin Donuts is my favorite donut place. That and my local grocery store bakery. I really want to try that donut.

Brock Lesnar says:

Does anybody have a dime?! #Popeyes

spet59 says:

“There’s a lot of cream in there!” Yeah, that’s what she said. 😀

Cole Morris says:

Wish we had dunkin donuts.At least we have TIM HORTONS!!!!

Keshawn Norris says:


CB Fall says:

Great reviews,Matt!!!

1987gcfan says:

that t-shirt makes u look like uve lost weight. or this is a REALLY old video

Nick says:

packed with cream

Keshawn Norris says:

like always

No Star Reviews says:

“You’re killing me smalls!!!” I have to, every time I hear s’mores

John Gutierrez says:

Hey are you guys from Ontario .ca

DragonLady24 says:

Nice and early 🙂 Great video!

King Chaos says:

i had the s’mores ice coffee yesterday and i thought it was pretty good tbh then again i like anything dunkin donuts lol

Redskull1900 says:

Dunkin donuts is shit man, get some krispy kreme!!

Joshua MILLER 7474 says:

Hahahaha fuck you

pyrochemists says:

I’d even go for regular iced coffee. The doughnut looks good

Lil Puppy Flexin says:

Matt Zion I’m here to let you know, the entire hood fucks with you fam! <3 Imma long time fan! All your videos are great! *Cracks open two beers on head and chugs them*

Joe White says:

You are close to being COMPLETELY DEAD. You post the same stuff. boring, boring. look at the viewers, you are steadily loosing viewers.

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