Dunkin’ Donuts VS. Krispy Kreme

In this video I will be comparing arguably the two best doughnut brands in America, Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme.

Thanks for watching and I hope you guys enjoy!!!

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Nadia Kromah says:

krispy kreme is way better

James Williams says:

Fuck Your krispy -kreme i like my dunkin -donuts better than krispy puck .

Gloria Clark says:


C Lev says:

I love both…mmmmmm

BigNibbaBoolin says:

krispy kreme is for the donuts dunkin donuts is for the coffee

Judy Berends says:

I don’t like either one ….so disappointed in both…too small. We have small donut shops that are better here in our city.

The Seeker 1963 Elmore says:

Krispy Kreme hands down!

cornercracker30 says:

Chuckster, can’t believe you wasted your money on those damn Dunkin Donuts. It’s like comparing a tomato you grew in your garden with one you bought in the store. No contest. I actually feel bad for you, that you had to plow thru all those freakin DD’s. Peace.

I steel your food cause I’m a Ravenclaw says:

I never tried Krispy Kreme, I really want to

Ashley Bodenhamer says:

Not trying to hate or anything but he is just a lover of Krispy cream so it’s kinda unfair

Corey Jones says:

This video is spot on. DD is trash straight trash

Gloria Clark says:


AJOConnor8 says:

the only donut that dunkin has better is a boston cream, you should have tried one of those

adam lewis says:

I love Krispy Kreme, I can easily eat 12 in a day

Anteater23 says:

By thick do you mean dense?

tiredgirl50 says:

I like dunkin donuts the best. especially the jelly filled ones.

hootenhtn says:

Krispy Kreme failed miserably in New England. Too sweet for New England tastes. KK’s are more like pastry than donut. Where are you from? If outside New England, the donuts were probably driven or flown in from miles away and that’s why less fresh. What you are eating is what they prolly throw out unsold by days end at any given NE location.

AB Brown V says:

Dunkin Donuts sucks big fat bagels

V904T says:

and on the center we have a huge cream filled chocolate coated doughnut how nice LOL

Uncle Tom says:

I prefer Dunkins it’s more dry

Pink_ Llow! says:


josh martinez says:

Krispy kreme is better like this comment if you are with me

True_Savage Fortnite_King says:

Trash bagels the got

josh martinez says:

The dd are too thick in nasty

Gloria Clark says:


Ken Hill says:

What about Wilson’s Bakery?

the honkster kaduneda licky dang says:

Fuck Dunkin donuts, Krispy kreme is way better

Gabdegracia says:

I like dunkin donuts and krispy kreme its yummy

Kenneth Tilton says:

We just recently got a Dunkin Donuts here. We had one in the 70s but Krispy Kreme ran them out of business. I guess maybe the town is big enough to support both….time will tell.

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