Ford Focus RS: The Last Great Hot Hatch | The New Car Show

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The Focus RS is the baddest Focus of them all. All Wheel Drive, 350 horsepower, and a mean mug make it a beast on the road. But what’s it like to actually drive? Join James as he gets behind the wheel of one of the fastest hatchbacks in the world.

Thank you to Galpin Ford for hooking it up! @galpinford

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Andres Saavedra says:

No more hatch? Lol Mini Cooper still alive and it will always be the best

Lance Hondrade says:

*The Focus RS ditches the red white & blue.*

Edwin Saczko says:

no body is buying them cause it’s crap , unreliable ,open deck engine block really bad for boosted aplications

Heck493 says:

wouldn’t say the last great hot hatch, but it will be missed for sure.

James Sherer says:

now what is ken block going to slay in?!

Fento L says:

Then I guess Subaru sti is what I’m getting in 2021

Captain Deadpool says:

2:09 so 13.9 MPG in 85.8 miles lol

Captain J The BK says:

Love the RS but as an amputee I can only drive automatics but maybe that best for my wallet lol


The focus is still a family car it’s not a true sports car.

Twrecks The Gamer says:

fun fact, the focus rs stock is faster than the nissan skyline gtr r34 also stock


I want donut to work with old spice ….with Terry crews that would be some weird shit

Charli Random says:

WTF!!! I see Focus everyday why would they stop making them if they’re the most selling ones

One Life Vlogs says:

The all new 2019 Ford Focus looks so nice such a shame you lot won’t get to see it

Ben Simons says:

Well, too many engine problems w the RS anyways

James Siggins says:

People don’t buy them because they are too expensive in my opinion, not everyone wants to sit on debt all their lives. Why would anyone want to pay 40,000 for a car that is worth 25,000 as soon as they drive it away and every second of every day is worth less….

ChaiKnees Nollies says:

I love the car and all but $40k+ for a focus on steroids is crazy! I paid $34 for my 2016 Pontiac GTO 6.0 ls2 when it came out

Jacob Horton says:

Wait youtube demobilized this account?

william hudson says:

Song at 0:52?

Jason Carpenter says:

Do the Ford Sierra RS Cosworth (500) also please and thanks – ICONIC #hrsprs , Escort mki-mkvi alos please , hi from Ireland

Stagnant Alarm says:

What about the golf r?

beatsfromchicago says:

That POS is pretty fast but the value will drop so low by the time it’s paid off (if the trans doesn’t drop first) it will be worth 1500.00 lol

Greg Trinks says:

They still all pay homage to the GTI. The daddy of all hatchbacks

NB3228 says:

Seriously wanted to buy one but everytime I saw one it costs more than a Raptor! The dealerships killed this car, 25k mark ups were more common than vapers in subarus.

vassy jondonero says:

You have boobs

Prospect Pat says:

He said you can fit track tires, groceries and a Jack in the trunk hahah no way

eny margaretha says:

The focus rs is slower than the fk8 because it heavier

complexarcher 88 says:

so the FOCUS RS is a rare car now ???? im sad cuz i wanted to buy one of those when i be 18years old im so sad 🙁

EVIL 7 says:

Good riddance. Nothing like paying 45,000 bucks for a blown motor.

Legionnaire Stentorian says:

But is it worth $40g the answers no

Noah Klinger says:

Ford is not stopping the fusion

John Boot says:

Stopping car production.. yet they are coming out with a 2020focus st with 280hp

Aaron Li says:

not gonna mention the sick handbreak?

MrBeanMasterTed says:

Import a 208 GTI from Peugeot.

Clax says:

Mercedes A-Class should have been a hatchback in the US too. I’d 100% buy one.

Alex Galan says:

When he said the new RS sounds sweet I laughed. One of my friends has it and he loves it, but we both hate how it sounds.

Andrew P. says:

This guy’s hand movements are distracting. It’s like hes’ constantly trying to rap. Sit on your hands. 🙂

Matthew Baker says:

My first car was a svt focus EAP, it was so fun. Then I got a roush focus that would go around corners faster than my father could in his 996 tt. now I can’t decide if I want to get a focus rs or a 03 04 cobra or a gt500

One Life Vlogs says:

The focus rs is still gonna he around in Europe so ha

mickey rat says:

Can’t be that great if they stop making them

bigG low says:

this shit is FAKE NEWS fastest hatch in a track fastest hatch is a bs…

James Thottumarickal says:

This is the best donut video of the new show

Anthony S says:

This cars motor is trash.

Sanyey says:

You forgot the Astra OPC 😉

Michael Larsen says:

I am pretty sure, that it will still be possible to import the new ST and RS , once they arrive on the european market.
The ST is coming you this year, and while it is still speculation, a new RS should arrive sometime in 2020.

mynameisray says:

The focus was never a great hot hatch. No one gives a shit about that shite american scrap iron garbage.

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