Fun Size Review: Dunkin Donuts’ Comet Candy Donut

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Foxy Games0 says:


IHeArTrOcK20 says:

Cam looks away and smiles like he didn’t do anything

Lou Phillips says:

Off topic – but just out of curiosity, who are your top 3 singles wrestlers, as far as personal favorites?? i ask because i feel like you’ll have at least 1 “didn’t see that one coming” name on there

In case you were curious of mine its pretty easy for me, I’m 29 just to put my choices in perspective.

1) Ultimate Warrior – there was no batman or superman for me as a kid – that was my superhero and my inspiration to get into body building once i was done playing football in college. From what I’ve seen in your videos you seem to do a little collecting. I’m so Warrior obsessed, that i have easily thousands of dollars worth of Warrior stuff – if they made it, I have it..i have warrior gear with tags on it still from as early as 1991. I even used to email back and forth with him when i was in high school on occasion for advice and he would always answer.

2) Taz – im a huge taz mark – the towel on the head, the suplexes, the katahjime, the tape job on the hands with FTW or 13. Also im from NYC so he was the hometown hero

3) the deadman. No explanation needed

EmilyA1984 says:

Okay, I don’t understand how cotton candy is a “flavour,” when it’s literally just spun sugar dyed pink or blue, so it’s literally just sugar–the flavour is sugar.  I like watching cotton candy be made, but I won’t eat it.

XxJH56797564 xX says:

Nice video

pittsteelers001 says:

Maybe Cam was trying to give the donut 3 honks up.

It’s his new gimmick.

Lisa Citron says:

Uh oh. Cams in huge trouble. Lol. Great video and review. Thank you

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