Fun Size Review: Jim Buddy’s High Protein Donut

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Allie says:

you need to try the donut experiment in clearwater fl!

IHeArTrOcK20 says:

Damn, U.K. has protein snickers and 3 musketeer bars/ mars protein powder, and now this…. why are we lagging over here!?

Superspy 24 says:

I’m firsttt

EmilyA1984 says:

I kind of figured that those wouldn’t be good, but Eric, can I make a request for future reviews of packaged food?  There’s another popular channel called Tami Dunn, where a woman named Tami, and her husband, Kevin, and various other family members of theirs, review various food products.  When they review packaged food, they always include a screen shot of the package at the end, zoomed in on the nutritional information, and then the ingredients.  That really helps me, because I’m a vegan, and that way, I don’t have to go Googling around to find the ingredients; I just have to hit Pause.  I think it’ll be helpful to a lot of people–not just vegans and vegetarians, but also people with allergies, lactose intolerance, celiac disease, et cetera.  As for the donuts in this video, I kind of had a feeling that they wouldn’t be good, because donuts aren’t meant to be healthy, but I like your reviews when you don’t like the food, as much as when you do, because you come up with the most creative and funny descriptions of foods you don’t like.

utoobcandy says:

Those donuts look super dense, I bet the protein kills the rise.

Emily Alsop says:

A toilet is round and has a hole in it, comparable to this hehe. Real donuts, and real sweets all the way!!

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