Great Value Donut CheeseBurger- Food Review #185

Great Value came out with an intresting frozen product called the Donut Cheese buger! Is it good? What do I think of it? watch and find out!


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never go full Great Value

Jeremy Flores says:

Bro what camera do you use!? It’s freaking awesome Conor!

z mez says:

Microwaved food textures are gross lol, good review!

Michelle Bullock says:


Gamer257 says:

Lol what’re the odds. I just made one of these (a legit one) at my local whole foods but with pulled pork and Cole slaw instead of a beef patty. You’ve gotta make’m fresh

bryan mcinturf says:

I just went to TacoBell and they have chicken chips they are so good they are like chicken nugget shaped like chips with their nacho cheese sauce. You should try it

Davesky19 says:

Seems to me that if it was a breakfast sausage patty instead of a plain burger patty, it would probably be okay. That’s really the only difference between this and a normal breakfast sandwich.

JirkProductionz says:

I felt like such a piece of shit buying this. Tried it, threw the second one away.

Austin Davert says:

I really love your channel! These are awesome reviews and you’re not like other food reviwers who try too hard 😉 Awesome videos! +1 sub 🙂

sim61642 says:

Welcome to the curcuis of value! .
like if it rings a bell.

gamer tv says:

great review conor! !!

Harambe the Gorilla says:

Less than a hundred calories more than the veggie burger from Wendy’s, lmao

Leroy or Elroy says:

I was gonna try this too…but I just couldn’t do it..

Turd Ferguson says:

I tried one of these the other day because why not, didn’t like it but after taking it apart the donut was good the burger itself was bland

Austin Stitzel says:

Can you please review Little Ceaser’s loaded bread bites

Pdawg Jred says:

Dude Wal-Mart makes donut burgers….grosss…lol. We’re starting out ourselves and there is so much food to review. Check us out if you get a chance we are in need of some pointers! Keep up the great work, hopefully one day we can be like you.

Chop Happy says:

Can you be in love with a cheese burger? Because the doughnut makes me so happy!

Maddie & Kiki says:

We love when things aren’t “super terrible!” LOL 😉 Awesome review, Food Central TV!!! 😀

goodi2shooz says:

I’m so glad you reviewed this cuz I was wondering!

Christopher .Cruse says:

One has gotta think about the cow. It could have been anything from steaks at a very high end restaurant but ended up as this.

Electricblitzgamer says:

hi conner 🙂

Liam's LunchBox says:

hm….so ur doing vlogging food reviews now? lol

Joel Villarreal says:

you got to try this fresh man.

nothadnotbad says:

what will they come up with next? an ice cream sandwich burger? shheeesh!

Jack Platt says:

Part burger part doughnut! Good review Connor! Like your shirt there! You have like a DVD “Play Me” button on it! haha!

Shane Luckett says:

Oh hellz naw gwarrrrlll

awesomewaffle says:

can you do a review on the Great Value Flame-Broiled Cheeseburger ?

Tregeta says:

It’s not about flavor, it’s about VALUE.

Whitfield's Food Revue says:

I kid you not.. even down to the pepper jam and bacon… we made an “abomination donut burger” last year that was almost identical to this! Hmmm… Me thinks Wal-Mart owes me some royalties! lol Love the different shots and presentation in this vid. Great job!

Tony Tone says:

this looks amazing, i really wish i could get this at my walmart, but mine sucks. they also have a breakfast sandwich called the big burly which is like walmarts version of the cinnamon swirl french toast breakfast sandwich that Carls Jr./ Hardees had earlier this year

Riderculous says:

Carul! Carul! I found a box of donut cheesburgers!! We’re eatin’ tonight! Um no thanks dad. I’ve still got half a can of dog food from last week. I’m good.

Tim Yaeger says:

great video I like this style of video buddy!

Alphonzo überluste says:

like this “product-type” food review

LadyJosette Collins says:

Thank you for doing this video, REALLY loved how you were with some actual depth to the review! Subcribed! By the way anyone got any suggestions as really easy to make/grab up food items that are actually worth buying?! These to be honest kinda made me a little sick!! I don’t know if it was how much salt they got (which i doubt since i basically pour sea salt on everything near about! ) or if it was the ough fake cheese NO FLAVOR by the way on it! the sauce was about the only real saving grace but it didnt have any real bacon like flavor! Which because me and my dad (my mom and one bro is dead the other is in the Army ) have NO teeth (for me my mom didnt have teeth either) i am constantly in search for things that have a nut flavor or a bacon flavor or really pretty much anything that can be ate without teeth ( at the moment for the next year or a little after i am working out getting false teeth implants) it is NOT an easy task! Try thinking of having to take things like dorito chips and having to pop the bag at the top slightly open and then crush them up pretty good to eat them kind of problems, and you can then start to get an idea of the pains having to be dealt with, cant eat broccoli unless its steamed to being really tender status etc. so yeah any ideas Oh any any ideas for a chocolate lover to the extreme having to now deal with diabetes kind of snack and or food items (with false teeth but weak gums and jaw which is one of the reasons why alot of the fam has teeth issues its a born in kind of problem not lack of hygiene kind of thing! )
Anyway Thanks again!

MzGumby02 says:

It looks like a bagel….lol

kuhataparunks says:

I’m hungry and this made my stomach hurt. Why would anyone buy this….. Looks miserable

gamer tv says:

I probably would like it

Roland Mendoza says:

sounds wierd but ok …good review like always ,always great reviews here in this channel. please review little Caesar’s loaded bread bites .

Stephanie Edwards says:

like a failur pile in a sadness bun.

FooD reVieW sHawTy says:

new camera. what did you upgrade to? shit looks frispy crispy as fuck man..

Too Soon Junior says:

Looks like a butthole

Critical Eats Japan says:

Did you say jam?  Very weird burger… or was it a doughnut?  Loved the intro —hope you find some more gems like this in the future

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