Honda Civic Type R is Pumphrey’s New Favorite Car | The New Car Show

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We gave James a Civic Type R to review and he came back with a shameless Jeremy Clarkson impression.

The Civic Type R is a legend, never available in the US…until now. So was this instant classic worth the wait? James takes the Type R out on the road (and airstrip) to find out!

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Magnum Lore says:

dammit!!! you should’ve been the new guy in topgear!!!

pyau9333 says:

Honestly I am still waiting for another gen of Civic Type R which is purely JDM instead of UKDM or USDM.

Shaqur Martin says:

Can you please do an up to speed on the Australian Ford Falcon, mostly the xr6 turbo

Kassidy Millo says:

Something’s wrong. There wasn’t a burp at the end.

idworkhard says:

So ironic…you can’t do donuts in this car b.c it has no handbrake…and yet your channel is called the very thing it can’t do!

Da Rocha Christophe says:

Yet the worst is to come when turbos and superchargers will be replaced with fucking batteries!!!Ladies and Gentlemen if you haven’t notice yet, the Automobile is dead

Hugsy Malone says:

I just like it when you tell “it’s the new car show!”

Sebastian Rivera says:

Who else thinks he should do every new car show episode with this format holy shit was this episode good

Benzodiazepine says:

Y’all sold out fast, damn. 40 (or 60 if your dealer hates you) grand for a 4 banger? FWD, too? Best Honda ever? Nah. They already have problems, which weren’t even mentioned. Just hyped up.

Matthew Schoch says:

Really enjoyed this video. I love the Jeremy Clarkson references!

Suneil Bhaskara says:

But the Honda Accord 2.0T has a 5.5 0-60 with the same engine albeit in detuned guise? How did that work?

Jhon Vincent Cruz says:

all people say “its riced out by the factory” but they are dead wrong.
as said in the video its built like that for a reason
ive used a type-r before(borrowing it,obviously)
and it steers great(as said in the vid)and if you let go of the steering wheel while going straight, its stays the same even if you accelerate more and moves if you only steer the wheel again. the chairs hug you as you corner, the fake vents aren’t actually fake at all and its serves for great aero dynamics(as said in the vid). the plastic spoiler actually makes 60+pounds of downforce for faster corners(as said in the video).

Kare Toivonen says:

did you guys edit out the AWD comment “most people who vape with you, would agree”?

Nickonbob100 says:

Well, top gear does need new people now that the main cast left for grand tour… perfect candidate

jearss says:


Rick O'Connel says:

Bahaha this style was a spot on impression.

Napa Supercars says:

whats so cool about this car, its just a civic with a wing nothing special about it, and its underpowered.

Isack delaz'y says:

True like clarkson it is

Da Rocha Christophe says:

A lot of people seems to think that manufacturers don’t want to do n/a cars anymore but it’s not true they had to because of emissions that’s why all manufacturers brought their best from aproximatively 1995 to 2010 when they still could make lovely n/a engines. I am sure that if they weren’t so restricted today we could have a n/a civic type r with those 300 hp, a bmw m3 maybe with n/a 400 hp and so on…

Williams Chesternut says:

Love the top gear ending lmao

LoneWanderer360 says:


Jeremiah Stakes says:

Glances at Focus RS………..

Brandin Hunter says:

Can we look into Suzuki in the United States

Oscar Rodriguez says:

Drive the golf r please

52Mike52 says:

those tight pants tho

Jon Rivera says:

I’m watching you Mike Wazowski. Always watching. Always.

Cooper Wilkinson says:

I would rent the Type-R

Alejandro Mirabal says:

Racecar shit, J E S S I C A !

Htoo Wunna Ko Ko says:

honda and acura are really great cars.. only most of the owners are young and ricers..

Ricky Robles says:

Vtec kick’d in yow!

An Ngo says:

James, why not May?

Jhon Vincent Cruz says:

yay civic’s are getting more love than they used to back then

Zeke O says:

lol skinny legs. i love this dude.

Mike Ascarrunz says:

pumphey skipped leg day

Blue Ridge Visuals says:

This dude is legit the Kai Wong of the auto-YouTube world.

AddictofFilm says:

Shmee would disagree with those fake vents…

sdlausen says:

Holy shit. Lose the skinny pants.

SoCalFreelance says:

I think your skinny jeans ass needs to vent hot air

GAMER X X says:

Hey James, can you do a Up to speed video about Aston Martin

BoXy_19 says:

Do the new Subaru STI Type RA

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