I Finally Got A Lambo – Lamborghini Huracán Review | The New Car Show

Thank You Lamborghini Newport Beach for the best day ever!

The 2018 Lamborghini Huracán, the “baby” Lamborghini. We’ve wanted to drive this amazing
car for months, and we finally got the chance! So what’s the Huracán actually like to drive on
the road? Join James Pumphrey as he drives the Huracán as Ferruccio Lamborghini would have
wanted: Fast with the top down!

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Sam James says:

580 hp buddy thats the RWD model

Wheatchow says:


Brandon Ramirez says:

It makes me sad they got the power output wrong. The “regular” AWD Huracan makes 602 horsepower not the RWD one. That one makes about 572. Oh wellllll, still a kick ass car. Drive the Performante AND the Aventador SV PLS

LH 44 says:

Man thats a RWD lambo, 580 hp, james you said its AWD, 610 hp,

get your facts right man..

Cezr Zepeda says:



Drive the agera rs

Francisco Arriaga says:

Please do a video with @salomondrin

George Mucibabici says:

Damn James, didn’t know you were that tall!

Jason Buck says:

“Not Jessica” I died

pilotx3mm says:

Pls do rolls royce

wolfmanking18 says:

I can’t wait until the new Supra lands here


This is the 580-2 so it had 580 HP

Alan Alvarado says:

More interested in the clip of the corrado. Please do a damn up to speed on a corrado

qt π says:

2:38 – drives by Ferrari dealership downshifting what a savage

Jacob Wolfe says:

Has there been an Up To Speed for the Porsche 944? If not do it. Do it James. I’ll let you drive mine.

HR Trainor says:

“pla pla pla” ahahaha love it!

Manuel Araujo-Guzman says:

Too much face not enough car. You’re vids are cool, just show more car and less face. Just my 2 cents hehe.

Matthias says:

I know a guy whom at a car meet, who says he is a ‘car guy’ point at a huracan performante and say, nice Ferrari(and he meant it seriously).

harlyquin says:

1:02 No, people who dont really like cars think every supercar in the would is a lambo

Error says:

Bout damn time pops

Extra Virgin Olive Oil says:

Wow man thats a nice lotus you are lucky you drove that

I know dont kill me

Subie Roo says:

Is it from the $1 people sent? Lol

Chopi says:

in Eastern-Europe every luxy gold-digger has at least one Huracán…

yohan gtr200 says:

do a video on porsche 944

Строго от души says:


terrificFrogg says:

You still want that dollar?

Farson79 says:

That wheel gap is terrible.

Carlos AJ Fuentes says:

What happens when you drive a Zenvo ST1

Matt Shears says:

Do a video about grand prixs please

Danish Wistara says:

Whats for up to speed cause thats what made me subscribe, and also science garage

Dillon Diaz says:

OMG.You said huracan right. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Ok i donut love u.SEE WHAT I DID. This is getting weird. HI

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