IS IT GOOD? | MX vs ATV All Out Review

mx vs atv all out of beta testers

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Kavinesh S Raj says:

hey dude which do u prefer monster energy supercross the game or mx vs atv all out ?

emulate DeM says:

gpu 82 degrese and complaining about crashing LOLZORS

Kidd Tre says:

The frame rate sound and physics is what I’m worried about

Ericplayz66 says:

I cAn’T WaiT FOr pAiD pAtChEs!!!

Billy T says:

How many people clicked “Skip Ad” at the end… I know I did.

Hayden Hauser says:

When he was dissing the nationals track in my head I was like “and it to Clearwater from untamed” I was so happy

J. 4NASH says:

still haven’t seen anyone do a wet scrub like bubba has em. I hate all out. played it for 15mins before getting a headache cause the frame rates were so bad strobe like

Nathan Catalano says:

Holy shit, literally touched on every single issue I was thinking. I pray to god these developers sit down and watch this together and take the constructive criticism. The core of the game is great, air physics and supercross are the best parts of this game, and I always want to go back and play more. But if they took the track deformation from Reflex, ground physics from MES, fixed the damn 2-stroke sounds, smoothed the bugs/framerate, and put some actual work into the national tracks, then this would easily be a 9/10.

Side note, have the developers ever ridden a national track that is soft/loamy before? Like for christ sake, the tracks are hard as rock and your bike bounces around like the track was never groomed. Nationals are tragic to ride.

cocktailzombie says:

Nah, im good with monster energy supercross and will wait on MXGP Pro

J. 4NASH says:

barica has one of the best looking whips. stews upside down whips is so nice

smdas says:

When is it he roars joey savtagy

SJ Light says:

Good review. You should review other types of games

four81 says:

Hahahahahahaha! Jesus dude, these get better every time!

TheGT3 click Crash says:

This game blows fat fucking dick. The whips look like shit. The fact that people need to justify buying this turd says everything. The thing is a lot of folks that were really into the past mx atv games were really buying it solely as a dirtbike game. So a lot of the side by side crap could just be left out entirely. There’s no career mode for hardcore racers. The national tracks are vomit worthy. The supercross tracks stunk with the insanely long berms. Hitting jumps is cringeworthy as you float and levitate through the air all while throwing a 180 flair whip. I know last time I watched a supercross race all the riders were doing 360’s along with throwing down tricks over big triples …………… NOPE!!! This game reminds me of that BurgerKing game they were giving away years ago. Zero fucks were given in making this game. I feel like they threw a bunch of shit together then slapped an Mx vs ATV all out sticker on and began to ship this awful hack fucking excuse for a game. With a $50 price tag I totally feel cheated out of my money. I couldn’t even play for more than 10 min before the shit graphics and herky jerky rider movements and shit frame rate forced me to put the controller down. It also took a long ass time to install. The install time alone will trick you into thinking maybe its just a really deep game and has a ton of content to install. Unfortunately this is not the case. Waiting for MXGP4 in June. MX vs ATV definitely has lost many die hard consumers on this one. I won’t spend my hard earned money on someone else’s hack fuck up job anymore. Rainbow certainly lost a lot of there business.

DJ Holtzclaw says:

He actually makes the game look fun

J Dub says:

I respect you.

levi southern says:

where can i buy some bitboin

Hahny 88 says:

You are just an encore hater. U sucked at it so then u hate on it. Encore is better than alive, all out, mxgp3 or Supercross.

Jared Tollefson says:

I miss your reach tracks

Gnarbarian says:

I rate it 5 four loko’s and wet fart on discord.

Endi says:

1:53 LMAO

Chanderson 255 says:

I like All Out better than any of the other MX vs ATV games in the last decade.

Drifting_Defined says:

Spot on review my duuuuuuu! Keep the content rocking!

Jacob Shepherd says:

“This game crashes more than Joey Savatgy with the red plate”

Astro says:


Jada dahut says:

I wish they’d do some good nationals for once i actually wish they’d use the actual national circuit it’d be dope ripping red bud, Loretta’s, highpoint and so on

Gopro Extreme says:

rip Joey Savatgy, Donut just toasted his ass

alonetimewithjoey says:

“This game crashes more than Joey Savatgy wearing the red plate” was about the most spot on analogy I have ever heard.

K Petty says:

Love the rgt85 clip dudes review was like having ALS

STARLARS010 says:

Do you actually have to pay to get the patches?

Mr. C says:

Still waiting for patch 1.03 on xb1 ugh Rainbow cant compete with Milestone

donut says:

wewww two episodes of Is It Good in one month.. lots of editing lol. now i can get back to sim! i have 2 new tracks almost done and ready to go for a vid.

edit: man…. already regretting giving this a 7/10, thats pretty generous. should be 5 or 6. nice job donut.. giving the rating in a comment section

Daniel Page says:

Funniest and most accurate review ever! I love these vids Donnie, probably the funniest guy in the Mx gaming community in my opinion and can rip irl. Glad you decided to start uploading again after like 3 fucking months 🙂

Kane Carter says:

This video is fucking GOLD!

Collin Fleming says:

Video full of zelda music and ending with halo. SOLID! lol i enjoy the game myself on PC. the whips are what i wanted.

Alex Saylor says:

7/10 shmeezers? Seems a lil generous

Meme machine says:

What about that Facebook vid where a dude commented about how I guy pulled out of a hub deep rut and they just replied “maybe he’s just a sick rider”

STARLARS010 says:

12:25 you can’t turn your brian of and go fucking around sith your friends BECAUSE THE GAME WILL CRASH LOL lmfao

Brett Chapa says:

“This game crashes more than Joey Savatgy holding the red plate.” Jesus Christ lmao

Edmonton Oilers says:

Reflex is the only Mx vs Atv game that has a skill gap.

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