Katamari Damacy Reroll Review

Katamari Damacy Reroll reviewed by Cam Shea on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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Smash Bruh says:

“8.8: needs to be more like Call of Duty”- IGN

Jorgehobby says:

I didn0t play it on the past, now it’s my time 😀

K2_SLAYER_ says:


William Arkwright says:

This is very similar to Tasty Planet. Only differences is that Tasty Planet is in a top–down perspective and is not as trippy as Katamari Damacy.

Helgan says:

yet another port of a old game LOL how many games are ports now on the switch .

MetaWulfTV says:

Anything less than a 9.5 is an insult

Black Raptor says:

8.8… too much PS2!

Mitya Chernov says:

This guy sounds a lot like Yahtzee — you know, Zero Punctuation

Leonardo Fonseca Franchini says:

IGN: No battle royale 8.8/10

Claude says:

8.8 oo.oo ∞.∞

ShadowHunter611 says:

This needs to come out on ps4

trcsonic says:

This is the most japanese game of all time

Mahogany Black says:

Loved this game back then! Still have my PS2 copies of this and the sequel as well as Katamari forever on PS3

Sk1son//ProperlyDuct says:

Katamari VR…needs to happen.

Tukaro says:

8.8 pr8y gr8 m8 – ig8

Luiz Thiago Souza says:

unfortunately this game gives me a strong motion sickness

elephntindaroom says:

Katamari!!!! How awesome that after years of laying off video games; I choose to come back to an old favorite

jack bank says:

says nothing bad about the game:


Tom Markus says:

I love Katamari. Great review !

Rob Buchan says:

8.8/10 *”Not enough sushi.”*

GODLESS101 says:

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na.

Gregory Thye says:

Look… it’s Katamari on Switch. What more do you need to know?

EpicDuty says:

Ich schau den Film am 15ten um meinen Geburtstag zu feiern bevor mir jetzt jemand gratuliert ich hätte schon am 21ten November Geburtstag hab aber aus… GRÜNDEN gewartet

Craig Smart says:

Woah inside spoiler alert

Madison Hutto says:

Hmm. Why not just throw it a 9?

Kamiab Ghorbanpour says:

8.8/10 No battle royale


I hope this comes to Xbox One because this was one of my favourite games of all time.

noobslayer135 says:


dxmakina says:

my hs gf got pargenet while playing katamari,
now our 14 yo son can do the same w his gf

Arien Van Stralen says:

Why the heck isn’t this on PS4!? 🙁

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