Krispy Kreme® | Banana Pudding Donut Review! 🍌🍮🍩

Today I review the NEW Banana Pudding Donut from Krispy Kreme®! The Banana Pudding Doughnut features a sweet Banana custard blended with KREME™, dipped in icing and topped with Nilla® wafer pieces. Sounds AMAZING! But do I ENDORSE it? Please watch and find out.

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John McCormack says:

They had these back in 2014 but the second doughnut was a Banana cake doughnut.  I liked it a lot but I wish they would have left the topping off and just gone with the Banana frosting and pudding filling…the inside filling  was my favorite doughnut KK has ever had.

Roland Mendoza says:


MintyPookieBear52 says:

Thanks for the love! #nooompaloompa

Mary E says:

Thanks for the review! Definitely need to go get one! ❤️

Bad Billy says:

Looks tasty. We actually have an outlet, if you can believe it, so this time I can try what you reviewed.

CJ Cutter says:

Love donuts! Love pudding! I’m in!

TJS [NoDQ] says:

You’re pumping out the reviews! On fire, my man!

Hugh Tahoob says:

Bananas are know to kill fungus too inside the body

lammish says:

That donut looks good! A dog barking and an airplane starting around 2:40 this time. You can’t make this stuff up. lol

Goodi2shooz says:

That looks delicious! Thanks for putting this out there!

David Thacker says:

KrispyKreme and banana pudding GLORIOUS!!! I can just smell KrispyKreme just watching this video.

truthbetold says:

Just sent the wife to get me this and the strawberry one! Hahahaahahaha

Nannerchan says:

They’re opening a new KK in West Kissimmee. I will get this there when it opens, if it’s still there.

Exit Strategy says:

My stepsister eats a whole bowl of my cream then bubble burps.

The Badcompany Gaming says:

I tried this on Wednesday when it was a free coupon inside the KK app. I absolutely loved it and I don’t even like banana pudding. I do want to try the strawberries and cream one as well.

Dan Arbes says:

Try an original Philly cheesesteak from the Philly connection I don’t know where you live in Florida but you probably got one near you 😉
( 。Y 。)

Rickugg says:

Hello: WOW you are killing me, Dude that looks goooood. I just had Pinto Beans, Slaw and Tomatoes with plenty of black pepper. My life long friend that now lives in Lecanto Fl. came to visit this week. We picked up another friend and went to Applebee’s for four hours. Best day I have had in a year. I would not mind to spend the winter in Lecanto Fl. His sons has a auto shop in Dunnellon Fl.

Bert Plocharski says:

You’re makng me hungry and I love banana pudding too. I love Krisp Kreme usually. We are off to get kolaches from our local donut provider, his name is Billy and came to Texas from Laos. He is a very nice guy and we have standing Sunday orders of sausage and boudin kolaches (with and without jalapeños). He always gives us something free too, usually a filled donut and some donut holes. I will have to check if he does a banana pudding donut. Good review….you are always very timely on your suggestions…thanks!!!

Hugh Tahoob says:

Love banana I even put it on my pizza its surprisingly good

Federico Borluzzi says:

That’s an interesting food that I would love to try!

ThrobbinHood says:

So, it’s banana-flavored Boston cream (pudding)?

FORBIDCharlie1986 says:

Banana is a fruit.

LaMarche H says:

Look at those baby blue donuts in your eye sockets.

Jason Yancura says:

I would’ve given it a 95 just because i love bannana flavored things? but i may be a little biased, great review Eric.

drfalcon4102 says:

as much as I love Nanner pudding, and Krispy Kreme,, I have to pass,, due to being a tad over weight,, my BP has gone nuts,, so , on to weight reduction,,, Good review

Balinda Barks says:

MmmM I love banana puddin’
The price seems high for a doughnut though.

Brother Frank TV says:

#TheEndorsement, Very Enjoyable Video brother! Absolutely #Yummo Banana Pudding Donut… I was the manager of Krispy Kreme in Orlando (years ago)… Oh that darn “HOT-LIGHT”…lol

#BrotherFrankTV Loves Ya!!!

Michael Hedrick says:

Man that looks so dang good. I’m gonna try the strawberries and cream one later

David Leary says:

Looks good. I would try the strawberry cream one too if there was a Krispy Kreme near me.

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