Krispy Kreme® CAKE BATTER DOUGHNUT Review!

Krispy Kreme® CAKE BATTER DOUGHNUT Review!
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For a limited time only, participating Krispy Kreme locations are once again offering Cake Batter Doughnuts. Cake Batter Doughnuts consist of a blend of Kreme™ and cake batter filling in a yeast shell, topped with yellow icing and bright confetti sprinkles.
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Todd Goessling says:

I’m confused – are all these fast food “food reviews” just something that attempts to justify feeding their addiction under the guise of reviewing? I mean…he loves everything and doesn’t do much more than eat, say what he’s eating, and make ridiculously weird noises while out of breath sitting in his car.

Aidan Erbes-krohn says:

Is Joey homeless

Trobosto in troland says:

u suck joey

NDevor says:

Joeys candida checking in

Joseph Lauletta says:

Joey, what size shirt do you wear? WoOooo WooOo WooOo!

Hayden Cline says:

try to lose some weight go on a diet that’s what I think

Aidan Musgrave says:

Is this guy for real? He must be doing this for comedy porpoises right?? He acts like a five year old which makes me think he is just putting up an act…right?

Olivia Kangda says:

I can feel your spit flying in my face

_ Swiishu says:

By far my favorite “IM BEEACK”

Sean's Skillet says:

I think they made this a permanent donut now 🙂

Fantastic IRG says:

Fucking lost my ears to the intro

Glyth says:

I bet joey after the videos he goes in the back of his car and fucks that donut and goes WOOWOOWOOWOOO

kike93 says:

you are the reason americans don’t want universal healthcare you fucking lard

Emmanuel Wilson says:

wewe super food reviews I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaak

Dujje D says:

First time getting ass:

“Omg that is so good.”

Gt The Fire Team says:

I clicked on this because I thought he was going to bring out his inner ape.

Spray Bottles says:

you gasp for air everytime you speak a sentence. how do you not understand something is very wrong with your health?

Simone G says:

You literally look like a burnt potato chip

Dyshia Mariee says:

Does he have tourettes?

yung_n_blessed 3 says:

Get there or be square bitch u look like a square

Justin Andrews says:

All this over some doughnuts though ? Gahlee joey lol

Jake the Gamer says:

My nearest crispy cram is 4 hours away 3 days walk 12 hours bike ride

Tony Stank says:

Joey you can clog my arteries anytime

Flowy Joey says:

Joey.exe broke 0:06-0:12

Veronica Hernandez says:

this is fucked

TheHatGod Cat says:

joey pin this comment if you love your family and fans, i love your vids and can i get a WoOoo WoOoo WoOoo

ZanderRains TheLegend says:


Dominic Giller says:

stop yelling this is very bad for you go on a diet

Reagus Domnia says:

The longest yeah boi ever Remastered

poop sniffer says:


Hayden Cline says:

Jesus you’re really going to eat that much but then know that you’re going to eat the crap out of that donut you just need to get serious help you really need it man

pinksparkles2278 says:

I don’t know why everyone keeps commenting on Eugenia Cooney starving herself but nobody bats an eyelash when Joey won’t stop eating. Anorexia and Morbid Obesity are both extremely harmful.

Rompski says:

“I gotta read this” You really didn’t need to.

Corey Zieziula says:

I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Olivia Kangda says:


Jack Wildhirt says:

I wish someone would look at me the way he looks at that donut.

Stelio Cantos says:

I want you to lick the baby batter from my sprinkled Krispy Kreme, buckaroo!!

Hayden Cline says:

it might be the donut for you but not me cuz you’re going to scarf that crap down

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