Krispy Kreme Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel Donut Review – CarBS

Welcome to CarBS! On this show Matt Zion will be reviewing food/drinks in his car to get them out to the fans asap! Today Zion reviews Krispy Kreme Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel Donut!

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BassAssasin13 says:

Donuts with filling are wayyy to sweet. I would rather have a single layer of topping/icing any day.

LACE UP- EST-19XX says:

The one I had was exploding with caramel on the inside.

Moosiecakes says:

Yea per all the media they’ve released on this it is supposed to have a caramel filling D: We don’t have one around here anyways T_T

MrSsfsfsf says:

Salt — I just crushed some Ruffles chips and dunked into them with a Nestle icecream cone. It’s really good. Salt makes everything taste better.

Erik TheElectric says:

I’m weird? Bruh.. you film yourself eating donuts in your car for youtube BRO!


Much love and missyou bby <3

pyrochemists says:

Needs the filling

CB Fall says:

Fantastic review indeed,Matt!! LOL!!! 😀

James007HungerZone says:

Looks good for a “GUURRNAARRGGLY” donut

Biffa Bacon says:

as a Canadian, Krispy Kreme regular donuts make me jizz in my pants


My ball tingle!!! HAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT!!

FreakEating says:

Now that they have a Krispy Kreme in Victorville….

Ponga says:

Listen, I know that you don’t care Matt…

But not being able to pronounce Ghiradelli is preposterous.

Jennifer Myers says:

It’s totally filled (w/caramel). You didn’t bite far enough into it!


the brand of chocolate is pronounced Gear-rid-deli

Aurora Borealis says:

For me nothing is better than their original glazed. Filled donuts are good, but too sugary for me.

Roland Mendoza says:

the name is too tiring to say meh…

Cacti88 says:

perfect pronunciation


it was supposed to be filled with carmel. mine was etcetera

theElemDragon says:

Am i the only one that noticed what looks like a hair on top of the donut in the close-up shot at the 0:50 mark? Hoping it’s just something on the lens… but that seriously looks like a hair. haha

Adog828 says:

A minute walk?! You lazy mofo

pwnstroyer says:

I much prefer the plain ones from KK. cause when you get them fresh, nothing compares.

Two Dudes Reviews says:

I wish we had a Krispy C. around here. Looks amazing. Great review.

Joshua Clementz says:

its supposed to have a version with caramel filling

No Star Reviews says:

Well, did it make your ball tingle???


hahahahaha that intro!!!!

MrSsfsfsf says:

You know that the Klan owns Krispy Kreme. That’s why so many of their donuts are black. It’s a statement.

MrSsfsfsf says:

The custard filling? No, I won’t eat it and neither will millions of us. It’s gross. Stop hating on us.

oorahh101 says:

I’d rather have no filling in my donuts

Spoiled Brat says:

First! Awesome Video yet again guys keep them coming!!

Food Review UK says:

Like the look of this. Interesting that its 1.59. Our premium KKs are £2.00 now.

The Notorious Shady says:

“That will make my ball tingle” omg I’m dying

Brock Lesnar says:

popeyes matt

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