Krispy Kreme Limited Edition Gingerbread Doughnut Review

Wow! I can’t believe it… I cannot believe that I got my hands on this TREASURE of a doughnut!

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Casey Norlander says:

Reviewbrah got some deep lore he could be in an anime

Zi Oma says:

When he stares, I feel weird.

Kim Schuelke says:

It bothers me you don’t finish the food

Mr. Braddock says:

If you keep up this shitty diet, you’ll be dead before you’re 50.

Patrick Bateman says:

Watching this whilst eating a gingerbread donut.

Frank James Bonarrigo says:

i wish i could eat what I want and stay skinny. Without cancer

Gibson Leafgreen says:

This is so akward

Flamethrower studios says:

TheReportOfTheWeek totally understand what you mean about the drummer. I play the drums and I can totally relate and understand what you were going through

Bigz.-. 64 says:


Mr. Sir says:

You are the only food reviewer i know that is not fat

Jack Wails says:

Wtf is the hair style doe

ck exodus says:

I question my own sanity every night as to why I watch these videos. All the way through. Can anybody enlighten me or have I lost it

TehDankKnight says:

If Norman Bates and Patrick Bateman raised a child….

Mike Alaniz says:

When his eye was in the center of that donut I felt chills

Dark Aurora says:

How much limited times does he have to say

Stephen Ellis says:

This guy talks like me when im typing a paper, and im trying to meet the required word count

Litre-a -cola says:

Those nails…..I can’t even pay attention.

Michael Griffith says:

I found God today. It was a good day.

ZFoodReview says:

make me famous

scarlett says:

i hope you are having a good day

Kim Schuelke says:


Pretzel Boi says:

All of those subs are people who also enjoy watching this fancy dude eat Limited Krispy Cream Gingerbread donuts. The silence
Of it seems so calming for no reason.

dylan klebold says:

your eyes are pretty

Reece Westfall says:

I’m not sure why, but your videos have a calming Bob Ross effect on me. Sometimes when i can’t calm my brain down at night, i just watch your videos and I’m able to chill out and fall asleep. Thanks for making these videos!!

Donald Nicolson says:

The way he eats that donut it’s amazing

Musa Khan Vlogs says:

good vid

Ryan Johnson says:

I’m new here… is this an act, or is he actually like this?

Wade Davis says:

I wish I knew about this, I’ve been meaning to go to KK recently.

Pug Cuteness says:

Waste Of Time? HECK NO

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

I actually misspoke during the video, today is the last day of the Teespring sale.

Foster Child says:

The way you speak reminds me of Sheldon cooper

Jake K. Gunnar says:

You can tell he’s excited about this review because he mixed up “limited edition” and “limited time”.

Redwanur Rahman says:

My God! Its the Bob Ross of food reviews!

The Moment says:

I’m sorry your videos were demonetized ):

Ryan Nolan says:

Krispy kreeeeme 2012!!!

Ryan Sanchez says:

TFW you’re introduced to the debate of how the glaze on a doughnut should be.


this is what happens when you take too much adderall

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