Krispy Kreme® Power Rangers Doughnuts Review!

Krispy Kreme® Power Rangers Doughnuts Review!
Power Rangers-Discover Your Color!
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It might not be socially acceptable to dress up as a Power Ranger as an adult, but Krispy Kreme is helping you keep your childhood fantasy alive, one doughnut at a time. Partnering with Lionsgate to celebrate the premiere of the new Power Rangers movie, in theaters March 24, Krispy Kreme is selling special-edition Power Rangers doughnuts. The Kreme-filled shell is dipped in chocolate icing, sprinkled with edible silver glitter, and decorated with lightning bolt candy pieces in blue, black, yellow, red, and pink (to match the colors of the Power Rangers’ suits). Available at participating locations in the US and Canada until April 2, these glittery doughnuts are a must for anyone who gets serious nostalgia from anything Power Rangers related.
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Luke Otter says:


InfernoXPrime says:


Jessie Rodriguez says:

*Tuba playing in background*

UltimateSuperBot says:

The geo crystal was at KK.

Christopher Peterson says:

I’m sad for you I have binge watched your videos and you have put on at least 50 to 100 pounds if not more.. and shame on these people who support you they are prolly just laughing at you on the other side and egging you o to keep going in your self destructive behavior

Jennifer Myers says:

“…warm, right outta the oven….” Donuts are fried dough. They come out of the deep fryer; not the oven lol

ZylenthOfficial says:

Why? Why do you do this to yourself. U can barley fit in your car dude.
Ur dying slowly. Quit it

Mrbossboss87 says:

I’m black

Angus Johnson says:

i can’t take this dude fucking seriously..what a joke

AspectHD says:

Are U black first

Garbage can Strangles says:

there you go keep feeding your diabitites with doughnuts

joe krack says:

lets do a poll, how long did the donuts last when the video stopped?? closest person wins

Timothy Dickinson says:

Joeys manners are actually surprisingly good in this video!

sixate9 says:

“Just in time” as if the movie basically said krispy kreme is life

Finlay Gale-O'Donnell says:

What are you said every person who met joey

Bill Cosby says:

Is that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson?

Pitkä Peura says:

Joey hates the black power ranger

windkat says:

im mentally triggered becuase theres no green ranger

imdead says:


Ouro Tops says:

dude just fucking stop it, stop eating and acting like a crazy ass mental freak and go get some help

Peter Quill says:


Zoom says:

That guy wanted to fill joeys Doughnut.

Lifter85 says:

This is fucked up.

Rachel1035 says:

I am a the black ranger btw I took the test

Hanny Solaman says:

Joey ur not supposed to moan while eating

Cosmic End says:

Joey u r not red face it

ilock345 says:

4:00 – Thats what she said!

Gryazev-Shipunov says:

Nice shirt.
Good review

Timothy Dickinson says:

The best thing about Joey is that he doesn’t give a shit about what other people think about him. He’s doing what he loves and if it makes him happy then people shouldn’t diss him for it.

DC Comic 90 says:

I’ll glaze your donut with my frosting.

Christopher Garcia says:

bruhhh you’re so fucking nasrty and wierd and you eat like a fucking pork giving to the food big ass bites

Chris B. says:

U all need to give him more respect Wool wooo woo

Yeyo HYPE says:

I’m the yellow ranger because of her personality Woo woo wooOooo

Tape Measure says:

Nice shirt…..

BlacklistHD- says:

Why df do you always Moan when u eat

Review Stop says:

lol You’re dressed as the blue ranger in this video Joey! I do food reviews too man, I’ll have to check these out Woo Woo WoOoOoOo

slyfox gaming says:


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