Krispy Kreme St. Patrick’s Day Green Original Glazed Doughnut – Review

Today’s review is for Krispy Kreme St. Patrick’s Day Green Original Glazed Doughnut. Our iconic Original Glazed® doughnut is going green for St. Patty’s Day (3/17). Bring a dozen home or to the office to celebrate! Available at participating U.S. and Canadian locations for a limited time only.

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It’s Gween


Luke Cagle says:

2:35 LOL the tongue thing he did killed me, because he’s so proper

Schmuel The Jew says:

Looks like shreks anus

iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoX says:

So it’s just a BOGSTANDARD glazed doughnut with green food colouring which is tasteless….

ovyrlordsupreme says:

The Mr. Rogers of food reviews.

Anita Pea says:

When he kept sayin St Patrick days donuts when doing angles i died lmaoo

Spud Jr. says:

Is it green? Fuck I thought they were blue

ernesto castaneda says:

i laugh cause of how he says donuts

memethan says:

New Intro:

Weed is Green
Opium is Blue
This is Running on Empty
Food Review

Eoghan Bolger says:

Is it green idk I think it might be but idk

End Him Rightly says:

It’s *literally* just a fucking doughnut with food dye in it… I don’t get what the point is…

A Serious Salamander says:

This kid always seems a little bit dead inside 🙁

slim shady says:

damn reviewbrah that tie really brings out your eyes

TechCheck says:

That is a squirrel running up in that tree. I see it, we don’t have those here in Australia.

Alligator Buddy says:

Was your poop green after eating all those?

Figure What? says:

Wow, that looks awesome. I’m going there when I get a car

J bell says:

I hope u make millions. And do a review of what u did or didn’t do with the cash! New favorite tuber for sure

Stacy Coleman says:

they’re gween !!

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

Sorry that my coat (yes, it is a full length overcoat, not a suit jacket) was a little messed up.

VORW will be on the way too at some point.

Yarnell Riley says:

If you just use the vocabulary you’d normally use, you don’t have to think so much before speaking taking long breaks and stuff.

Manic ッ says:

I can’t tell if you’re wearing gloves or your hands are incredibly pale.

PrestigeWorldWide179 says:

I hate that little fucken noise he makes when he eats, wanna smack that doughnut out of his hands

CarterGames808 Anue Badooee says:

his hands are beautiful.

NimbleTV says:

One question are they green

Gabriel F. says:

Lol you have to try and be this weird right?

Joel N says:

DAMN your shoulders look BROAD in that jacket

Nicolas German says:

OneCe I ate a green doughnut and I had green watery diahreah

CrazyClydeTV says:


McCall Boy says:

it literally looked like he was wearing gloves..mah dog needs to see the sun more

The Grouche says:

you can see right here that its green. YAH?

Braydan Cosme says:

I never heard green so much in my life

Alligator Buddy says:

How in the world can you keep such a straight face?! Your reviews are very helpful:)

Big Boy says:

what’s with the giant tiddy in the background

Henry Cavill says:

They look gross.

ArticFox Queen says:

But does the green change the flavor of the donut?

ihasnotomato Mk2 says:

ugh I shouldn’t have read the comments before hand, now I know that the St.Patrick’s day donuts are green! 🙁

Rickster79 says:

Is that a mosque in the background?

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