LEGO Bean There, Donut That review! What the HECK is this set?!

Here’s a look at a new weird LEGO set – Bean There, Donut That – a Target exclusive in the Untied States. I have no clue where this idea came from, but it’s set 40358.

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LEGO Review #906

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0:28 Hey, look! It’s that torso print that JANGBRiCKS did an entire video on…

Justin Hill says:

The name is a pun on “been there, done that.”

Ratbat 1986 says:

I don’t see why this isn’t in city

01flord says:

Bike is not teal.

KDH Studioz says:

Honestly the price isn´t awful. Is only a little more than 10 cents a piece. I think the price is fine, and I love all the donuts. You cannot get the donuts on Bricks and Pieces currently.

legolamaniac says:

Donuts galore! I was struggling to think what the set had to do with beans until I realized it meant of course coffee beans.

Rayo Gaming says:

In Poland wev dont have target 🙁

Jessica says:

They should have made this a Duncan Dounts Pro Mo

Redpoint 24 says:

Dude I when I saw this I was like ier mer ger I got to get this

yur gey says:

Wher jus 2 negative

Darth Vader says:

$15 City Donut Battle Pack

vrishank ramineni says:

It should have been an Dunkin Donut exclusive. The construction worker looks like a cartoon version of Stan-Lee

Jack The LEGO Master says:

Wow that looks brilliant

Bilbo Baggins says:

I love LEGO but holy crap they overcharge

Youtube Commenter says:

Will you review more LEGO Star Wars sets?

Steel Penguin says:

The businessman looks like Mr. Bean, and the name of the set makes its a great coincidence

Sadik Toys Review says:

Design pro

Darth Marley says:

What a weird set, seems kinda like a LEGO store exclusive set

Ethan's Toy Lab says: I found a just2fake channel!

A Corn says:

It’s not a battle pack. It’s a donut pack. Get multiples, and drown in donuts.

Afro Animations says:

i like donuts. might have to buy

Nokke Yt says:

Really what is that

Özgür Fırat BOZ says:

The bicycle’s color is dark azure. Teal is more green-ish.

Sora Song says:

I need this set for my Lego city, also you don’t have to use the mom-sanctioned “swears” in your vids.

Ethan Grimmett says:

just2good did you get that target?

Axell Bryan says:

I thought this title was “LEGO Mr. Bean There, Donut That review! What the HECK is this set?!”

SmolPupperOFFICIAL says:

Coffee = bean
Donuts WITH it

Bean there, Donut That is a name for the shop it comes with. Maybe a shop in the Lego city miniclips series?

SuperLeoGaming354 says:

the set is ok but i like the dalmatian so much! i want him!

Megarater says:

Finally, after so long, I can get SEVERAL of those donut pieces, without any Simpsons pieces. As for the price, I’ll wait for a sale. Target can get really good sales on Legos, & having a Redcard does help too.

Niels van Schagen says:

it looks like 15 dollarto me

EBrix Studios says:


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