My review of the MDF-200 Nostalgia Products Automatic In-Home Donut Factory.

Mini Donut Machine on Amazon:


Ashlee Haller says:

Loved your review! Had me cracking up!

Google User says:

put cinnamon and sugar on them

Alex Jeffries says:

Please send your producer to work with donuts, please!

CottonCandyCorner says:


Willam Batchelor says:

you can see if they sell them at bed, bath, and beyond.

AlanDudeK says:

can you use any mini donut recipe?

Sureyya Ayse says:

skolko hochu takoe aparat atkrit biznis na

chris toledo says:

Oh my god he is so cute lol

Dante Planeta says:

they look kinda gross…

Pepper Falkiner says:

LOL love the wife’s opinion!!!! lol

jusme671 says:

Haha! Love itttt!

Pallavi Alai says:

great video honesty is the best policy

oviedo2912 says:

The suspense is killing me!

arbeeex says:

Boy are you going to love the little crepe machine.

I'm listening says:

The crunchy factor- kinda reminds me funnel cake!

Dorthea Estola says:

you should use funnel cake mix

brpbrpbrpbrp says:

Just go out and buy a sack-o-donuts! Marc Summers does NOT endorse this product,I’m sure!

Sandra Phillips says:

The time it takes to make a dozen mini donuts is better spent riding my bike to the local donut shop. Although, I’m available for a taste test.

LakeTahoeGem says:

Donut Monster and MRS

Seafoxmccloud says:

😀 I want one too

Michael Young-Lorenzo says:

hey man i just wanted you to know. Your good! like all the editing you do to your video to
make it funny (for example when you go to the music and then it immediately goes back to you). I love it man! kudos!

Kristopher Kohlmeier says:

I can see why people opt for restaurant quality donut. They make em better and you should always have excess to give out or sell if you are not planning to make one of those into a full time business.

Bageera Sixtythree says:

They look like onion rings.

Kay Fabe says:

Oh cool you’re a weather man. You’re funny

brpbrpbrpbrp says:

Competing with Raised & Glazed???

ericfeldman says:

The best video i’ve ever seen on donuts, AND, also, the best subtle documentary on the playful yet deeply mystifying behavior of married women, who, when they see their husband very hard at work at making something fun and creative, DECLINE TO TRY IT????? this is the most Neistat of all Neistat videos on the internet. congratulations. thoroughly entertaining, classically scored, childlike wonderment. i give it 4 mittens! i would like to try said donuts, once the recipe is perfected. i would also like to see a follow up video of blind taste tests between these donuts, and crispy creme

Dimas Rizky Fauza says:

is it only me who rewind this video just to hear he is saying ‘you do not want a donut’? lol

Joel Jewett says:

I would like to purchase a mini dough nut machine to sell once a week at a local market, I have many questions such as: can I make the batter the day ahead?  Is there a company I can contact to answer more questions?

JenM says:

you eat like a pig…

MoinCraftHD says:

Very funny clip at 0:31 xD.

NextNate03 says:

Good video. There is not very many videos about that product.

It went from a must buy item to me saving $100+.

Kimberlee Cassagne says:

Vanilla Cake “Drop” Doughnuts

8 ounces all-purpose flour sifted
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
3/4 teaspoon nutmeg
3.5 ounces (1/2 cup) sugar
1 once ( 2 tablespoons) soft butter
2 ounces (1) egg
1 ounce sour cream
1 1/4 tsp vanilla extract
3.5 ounces (scant 1/2 cup) milk

Make sure all ingredients are at room temperature to begin (this is VERY important)

The batter should be smooth, thick and spoonable. Let it rest for ten minutes, while you bring your oil up to temperature.


gpzking says:

Dude! Do you always smack your lips when you eat? I’d smack you if you did that while I was eating next to you.

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