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Gilbert Helguera says:

what up mike is there a steep period or is it good on delivery. team #hitthatsh!t

Ryan K says:

Gave it a go mike, just because you recommended it. Got it for 20 on vss. Not bad. Love your reviews buddy.

MAtt Geiger says:

About time a donut juice taste like donut. You know all that shit donut juice like mad hatter and all the rest junk taste like my kids play doo.

Alfonso Castillo says:

Whats the name of that mod? looks very nice

BellyUp ! says:

ecigarettempire has it for 20bucks, this is my go to when im waiting for customs to release my royal!

Robert Ford says:

I ordered my loaded 4 days ago and it hasn’t shipped and won’t answer my emails? wtf I would have it by. now from eciggitty n there in Hawaii?? help!!

Troy Sinclair says:

How long do you usually get on your coil/cotton with this juice? I just got it and it’s delicious. I don’t see my tank coil lasting very long with it though.

atown7714 says:

this juice is on sale for Like 24.99

MrJefferzy says:

Brother, its 70% vg / 30% pg. Just bought it today, its amazing, great review as always.

Travis Vermaak says:

I never write about ejuices but this stuff is damn good juice. My favorite ejuice so far.

Nathan Boland says:

No way is it a HINT of cinnamon! Lol if they would’ve just called it cinnamon glazed donut itd be much more accurate.

Ken Sublett says:

So after buying this I wanted to recommend people run for their lives. Unless you like vaping a pencil sharpener. What a waste of $25 bucks. Taste nothing like a donut and exactly like the bottom remnants of a pencil sharpener. My Wife said the exact same thing.

Timmermans Kris says:

thx for the review i order it

Sam Lewis says:

isn’t it 70/30?

Jake Hutchens says:

Personally I didn’t think Glazed tastes like a glazed donut at all. If you’ve had moon mountain brand before it is almost identical to a few of their flavors.

Mech only user says:

Got this juice that day. Tastes exactly like the milkman churrios by the vaping rabbit. Too much cinnamon, harsh as fuck! 6mg feels like a god damn 9mg or even a 12mg.. I definitely wont recommend it. The smores just taste like chemicals that are made to kill you. Oh well, those are my thoughts anyways..

Vicky Wilson says:

if u say it’s good got to be good gonna get some

Филя в интернете says:

10 dollars on russia

Jordy H says:

I get hazelnut from this.

American Gooeyduck says:

It’s my main every day all day vape

Ntrnlgrv says:

Have you tried “Glazed” by MFn Donuts? I am searching for that baked doughy taste as doughnut has.

Ryan Kelley says:

You remind me of fragrancefanatic1 lol

San Mane says:

Man, the only RDA i can get this juice to actually taste like donuts is in a Mako Shorty. Put it in a Goon, a terminus, the TM24 and a Cleito 120 (zero flavour at high watts) all i get is sickly sweet vapour unless i turn the wattage down. What build are you guys using for this juice? This one tastes like its about to give me diabetes and the runs at the same damn time.

Kevin Erby says:

Great review like always Mike. I think I might have to get a bottle of this. Especially the price point is great.

Theresa Candle Guru says:

I have this maybe I need to put it in a rda I’m using a tank! Nice review…

Fares Khalid says:

Does it have necotine

peace says:

Vape Society Supply has terrible customer service. I will write a lengthy post about my experience with them. The only thing good about them are the prices but I’ve had problems with shipping, receiving the wrong product and also receiving a damaged package only to be told I can’t return the damaged package because they blamed me for it. Moreover, during one of my complaints they tried to appease me by offering to send me samples since I said I would post a negative review of my experience. When I agreed to receive the samples and they sensed I was content I was told that I would receive the samples on my NEXT order. The old switcharoo. Anyway I think these guys are horrible. Other competitors have better prices. Believe me, if you are receiving your stuff on time and getting the correct order then you don’t have to deal with customer service. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…once they mess up your order in VSS’ eyes the customer is always WRONG. I am also going to write on Reddit…I never post negative reviews as it’s time consuming and usually the company finds a way to alleviate my disappointment. VSS is the only company who successfully treated me like an idiot and only ticked me off more and more as they bungled every attempt to fix their screw ups. They behave as if they are the only game in town. LOL. VSS seems like they lost their hunger to operate like a respectable company….their stomachs are full bc they think that whatever growth they’ve had recently will last forever and they no longer have to have a passion to make customers happy. I see this often with certain companies who are operating in a rapidly growing industry and have the wind behind their backs. They think that the good times will last forever and forget who helped them become successful in the first place. Sure one customer isn’t a big loss…but in this internet age it’s not wise to treat any customers as if they are subpar.

hotheadedjoelhaha says:

So let’s see- this can be had for at Least $10 Less from ejuice direct. Good review Mike but that price is outta line(add shipping and we have $45.00.)

TheEmpireX - says:

doesn’t feels sugary like to the point that u get sick of it?
or can you vape it all day everyday?

Yg 239 says:

18 dollars for a 120ml now ,wow


Loaded is one way to look at it…….

Ben Pena says:

Good liquid, tastes nothing like a donut though…more like a creamy cinamon roll, I’m a little dissapointed b/c I expected donut flavor, but still tastes good, and at 15$ for 120 ml…not bad at all.

Arjay Cruz says:

Just bought it yesterday.. honestly i kind doubt it when i tried to smell it out from the box. Iam more of cheezecake and caramel type of guy.. then boom…. fuck yeah.. it is so delicious.. try it guys..

Sean Hodgson says:

Just picked up a bottle from my local shop today!
As good as the review says!


I bought it but I can’t taste the donuts flavour I really can feel the cinnamon part flavour so much that I can’t feel the sweetness

Ezra Kistnasamy says:

It’s tastes a bit different to the build u have if u using a rdta or rda I found it tasting just like actual doughnuts with a single tiger build, really enjoying it

necro mantis says:

just bought the glazed donut and I’m loving it I would like to ask a question. I have the baby Beast tank, I’m using the .15 octuple coil. is there a better tank for flavor and still have decent smoke for lung hitting purposes not for showing off. i can’t afford to try tanks in less there is one that is quite better. Thanks

justin augliera says:

Great shit that stuff is. I have gone through 2 bottle already lol

Freemans Aquatics says:

17$ on ebay freeshipping

Steve Metzger says:

I got mine off of eBay for $23. cinnamon is very noticeable in my opinion.

George Brennan says:

Was lucky to pick up a 120ml at VCCT16 last weekend for 20 bucks. I’m kicking myself in the ass for not buying two.

earl hogvomit says:

Its 23 bux right now on ecigaretteempire guys idk for how long

uhavemooface says:

Just bought this one at the store just a little bit ago for 25 dollars sense it was on sale. I never order online unless I have to. With vape liquid there is no reason to unless you don’t have any vape shops around. Loaded might be one of my all day vapes. This is the first I have tried it and it taste so good.

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