McDonald’s Donut Sticks Food Review

Alright guys I’m at McDonald’s trying their new donut sticks and today I’m joined by a special guest Jesse Pynnönen from Finland! He his a competitive eater and he’s seeing what NY has to offer !!!

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Ashley Sheriff says:

Stop eating fatty

Whitney Lang says:

Did that man really just let the dog take a bite then put the same piece in his mouth?? You people are fucking gross!!!!

Francesca/ lichfieldcity69 says:

They look nice. X

Dean Lenaburg says:

You and Westin should have a contest to see who could eat 12 of them faster

Roland Mendoza says:

Soft churro sticks

cascade ghost says:

Jesse knows how to share with weston! One bite for me one bite for weston. Do 100 crispy creme

Barbara Garner says:

Wayne take Jesse out for real churros. Weston was a real clown with Jesse. Love the fun you all had. Love from California.

lucas mcquillan says:

They’re good with maple syrup I subscribed and Jesse’s channel thank you for the suggestion

No videos No videos says:

Great review and Jesse seems to be such a nice guy. Love his channel also.

Cody Bersick says:

*these edits are 11/10*

suzieq says:

The BK funnel fries were greasy disasters. I expect the same from these so I won’t waste my money. Don’t bother with using them in a challenge. Weston sure did like them though.

Leo Daniel Gerensse says:

Can you actually do a food challenge

Kevin Peck says:

Awesome Donut Stick food review.
Definitely Weston approved and he’s calling you out for a challenge on the donut sticks.

Sara McConnell says:

Sure lol go for it Wayne you can do it ✌✌

When_Heroes_Become_Villains 00 says:

What would you expect… It’s McDonald’s.

Jasmin Perez says:

They look good Westin looks like he really likes them a lot. Would love to see a challenge of you eating 100 of them.

Fontressa Foxx says:

Weston said quit playing and give me some, yep do 100.

HotShotVQ35 says:

what was all that racket in the background?? lol

Larry Christine says:

Take those with the strawberry jelly packs. OMG

HorseKrazzee says:

That dog needs to learn an many manors as you do mr algenio… Terrible!!


For anyone who has Sheetz gas stations, the French Toast sticks are amazing and there is like 6 choices of dipping sauce.

Dirk Visser says:

Na 100 is too easy for you! Bump up the amount for a real challenge brother

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