McDonald’s McCafé® Donut Sticks REVIEW!

McDonald’s McCafé® Donut Sticks REVIEW!
Our new Donut Sticks add a touch of sweetness to your morning. Sweet golden-brown dough, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and made fresh every morning make these a perfect companion for a cup of rich, flavorful McCafé® Coffee.



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Shiny Espurrz says:

joey! mcdonalds has some GREAT hot chocolate!!! great video!

P Wam says:

The struggle vibe was real at 5:28 and on.

Dark Aurora says:

Joey has a swat team truck

Disney Jazzcore says:

He just put the whole thing in his mouth

Moco Hernandez says:

Wtf is that a truck??!!

CalisthenicsTraining For3years says:

Joey, you should do a food review with your seat sniffing crews at 400k subs. Hope it will go viral and sexual WOOOWOOOWOO

Gabino Balderas says:

Joey on the real i love you vids been watching them for a few years now never stop please

Electropi says:

Oxilous sent me here

V l o c e says:

Joey you should make more merch!!

Thanh Bach Vu says:

Are u a truck driver

Rick Ross says:

Here we have joey so hungry that he has to eat while he’s at work WoOoO Wooo WoOoo

Nikke Irwin says:

Joey, while I really enjoy your food reviews, I can’t help but worry a little bit about your health. I’d like to see you stick around for a lot more woo woos. Just throwing that out there.

Brandon Neal says:

It looks like a churro

Gabe says:

Poor music choice and why dont you try a vegetable instead.

Hemdonz says:

But I’m curious what is the beep beep beep for please tell

Charles Finster says:

his hands are so chafed from beating my donut stick in the back of the van

Donna Tetreault says:

Are you in a UPS truck?

Chase&Bowman Nation988 says:

And yes McDonald’s does have hot chocolate try it the next time you go there

Zexlyn says:

AWEOMSE VIDEO JOEY pin this comment if you think i should get a cat!!!

Brian Spellburgio says:

Squad going …….. . UP!!

Obito Uchiha says:

“Donut Sticks “ I already know where the comment section is going.

anonymous 81 says:

when the food high hits

Ernesto R says:

Whats with the van? Joey a cable guy?

Kristen C says:

Hands looking mighty dry and flakey muchacho.

Brian Spellburgio says:

I see you finally have outgrown your car now you’re driving around in a U-Haul good work my friend!! Greetings from Buffalo New York

Doge Plays says:

Joey,You changed your car?
PS I love your vids!!

Brandon Neal says:

Is that a UPS truck?

GodHatesGlobalists says:

Lol so many perved our comments on this video.

Josh Crispy says:

Never going in the comment section again

MJL III says:

Joey! How many vehicles do you own???

fryingpan352 says:

Since that is his work van I hope there is a dash cam

iRAIDYOU says:

He is in a moving truck, hopefully moving to another planet

Cavin Bob says:

Whenever I feel indicate about eating junk food. I come to this channel for moral support because He makes me feel tiny 🙂

Chase&Bowman Nation988 says:

I work at McDonald’s and and I still haven’t tried these

Oldman 75 says:

I have a white donut stick with white creamy muchacho sauce for you Uncle Joey!!!

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