McDonald’s: NEW Donut Sticks Review

We head over to McDonald’s to try out their new, “Donut Sticks”. They come in a 6-pack and 12-pack for $1.69 and $3.29 respectively. Will they hold up to other fast food donuts? That’s what we try to figure out.

Have you tried the new Donut Sticks at a McDonald’s near you? Let us know what you think of them in the comments section down below. Is it worth the cost? Are the quality donuts? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Derek Dukes says:

I’d dunk them in syrup!

Cynthia Kleist says:

Dude love your videos as always and LOVE your Ozzy shirt. Saw him when he was with Black Sabbath

RickTexas says:

Brandon, you are quick! I just heard about these today, and you have already done a review. Good Job!

Maddox Weld says:

Yea Krispy Kreme donuts aren’t the same thing. McDonald’s donut sticks are better!


Iyanna G says:

Heyyy. I was mentioned haha.

Gaylene Wood says:

Next time order a small dish of vanilla ice cream for dipping for those donut fingers..

Jillian Burke says:

Why are donuts considered breakfast? Lol They are dessert!

ken strampe says:

i think they need to have some kind of frosting dip sauce.

tyler mossman says:

You need to get a $ 0.13 refund for that short one

66edoug says:

$1.69 isn’t a bad price for 6. 5 1/2 not so much 🙂

Robert Kelley says:

I’ve had them think they are pretty good but definitely could use some kind of dipping sauce, i believe they are for a limited time only and up here in Utah anyways they are only sold during breakfast hours

Miss Starr says:

Did they taste fresh or like that sat round for awhile?

Harry Revolt II says:

Great video Brandon!!! Can never go wrong with Mickey D’s!

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