Paula’s Donuts from Buffalo, New York thanks Ryan

Hey YouTubers, here’s another video just for you. Paula’s Donuts from Buffalo, New York thanks Ryan
I hope you enjoy this one 😀
Paula’s Donuts Review with Ben & Ken, Thanks Ryan- KBDPeriscopeTV 132
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About Us
Paula’s Donuts®
Established in 1996, Paula’s Donuts® is a family owned and operated business. Our hand cut donuts are baked fresh daily on the premises, the old fashioned way.

Voted #1 Donuts by Buffalo Spree. Paula’s has over 30 varieties of donuts as well as pastries, muffins, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, carrot cake, coffee, cappuccino, tea, hot chocolate, and cold beverages.

Excellence is not achieved by cutting corners. Using only the finest quality ingredients, we go the extra mile to bring you the very best in donut deliciousness.
Every Paula’s donut has a very special ingredient, something you won’t find in any of the big chain store donuts- we make our hand cut donuts with love!

Show your family, friends, and co-workers that you care enough to bring the very best. Our donuts are always fresh and they don’t leave the unpleasant greasy aftertaste that you find in many mass produced donuts.
Donuts are supposed to be flavorful and are meant to delight your palate. If the donuts you buy now leave you feeling dissatisfied- it’s time to see what a real donut should taste like. At Paula’s we are always happy to serve you with the finest donuts in Buffalo.


JuliannaWoodward says:

You went to Buffalo, NY!! I live there.

celeryg66 says:

what breed is your dog?
, he is so cute!!!!!!!!!

AlexTheSniper19 says:

still not as good as krispey kremes

Aiya Kenache says:

my faviourt donut are dounts with villan flinng and icing with spornkles but ot plane like no flavoure l am still younge l might change my mind about food when l get a bit older then l am now
what your favioirt dounts ken

Anna says:

If you’re ever in Rochester, NY you should try Ridge Donuts (they’re the bomb)

pitbulllover says:

I live in buffalo ny

Mac says:

Paula’s doughnuts are so good I get one every Friday on. My way to work

Christine Chen says:


icvazquez41 says:

shoot the dog…. the dog is like da faq man.

Gui E Biel says:

My favorite Donut is Boston Cream and Chocolate Gleese

DarkDeath211 says:

Doughnuts I like are from a local place here they use a brioche dough and have some full on flavours.

Charles Albertson says:

want some

PΞNΞmue says:

That mickey mouse is disturbing

WickedFidgets says:

The donut you used to like is the Boston crème I live in Boston I love them

Amy Lee says:

Red velvet donut is the bestttttt good choice

Jared Jez says:

Paula’s are the best

Evan Hardy says:

theyre great

Tammy Donaldson says:

the red velvet is my favor from Paula’s Donuts

fireside007 says:

YOU ~ ROCK ! !

Mark Farrelly says:

>dog eats some pieces of doughnut that fell on the floor



my favorite kind of donuts are glazed donuts im not talking at paula’s i mean in general


Heheh I’m from buffalo and we have Paula’s dounuts it’s the best

Barb L says:

Spudnuts are the way to go! Find a place that serves them .. made with some mashed potato in the dough!!

TransdementionalBeing says:

I lived in Buffalo for the first 6 years of my life, and I haven’t been there since I moved away almost 15 years ago, thanks for showing me all the places to check out when I eventually go back ! 🙂

Purplebutterfly81 says:

I live in Buffalo NY, Yes the best donuts ever I always eat half and eat the other half later

Arah Bananza says:

if you ever go to texas, you go to Jerry’s donuts, its in farmers branch. I grew up on his donuts… I used to go there everyday before school.

Kayla Woodward101 says:

I live in buffalo NY he was so close

AWalkingHat says:

I usually get an apple fritter at Tim Horton’s when I get a meal there. One of my favourites.

Gianna_rose says:

My dad fries the donuts there

The Nekomancer says:

Ken, of you came for Doughnuts about 10 months before you made this video, you may have come to the Paula’s 3 blocks down from my house. It’s a CVS now. RIP.

skys thelimit says:

Wished to have seen you eat them all ken

-0melette- - says:

Ken have you ever been to Anna Mae’s restaurant in Millbank, Ontario? They have a large donut with that old style sugar creme that you are talking about. You should head over there and give it a try. Hopefully you’ll see this.

ssgcmwatsonusa says:

mmmm… Paula’s red velvet donut!

duhlike says:

upload the uncut and raw of this

Sekan13 says:

In denmark we call this “Berliner” which means “Berlins” as in someone from berlin :3 Traditionally they are covered in sugar and with raspberry jam inside :3

Brendingalton Von schmingalton says:

You get a like just for that jersey,BEAUTIFUL

Abby Pichardo says:

I wanted you to try the white one next to the Boston cream

Monkey D Luffy says:

omg i’m hungry

koshar44 says:

keep your donuts in water. it really helps them stay fresh.

seeeteee says:

I can usually get thru one of your videos without wanting to eat my own arm but this one is killing me.

MLGSNIPES515 says:

Boston Kreme

Rachelle Jares says:

Made my teeth hurt just by watching!


My favorite is red velvet

ScottHill88 says:

Nice jersey!

James Scott says:

Try Voodoo doughnuts

Carl Riggins says:

dog rep

Elsie Viola Dupuis says:

Holy cow, I want them all!

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