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Today we have a full box of new Pikmi Pops Dough Mis plush blind bag figures. Each donut contains a sweet scented surprise. Who will we find? Will we find any limited editions? Let’s find out. #PikmiPops #toyunboxing #toyreview

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Janelle Fisher says:

My favorite was the sloth and he came outta my favorite purple doughnut. I’m surprised Paul didnt love that doughnut since he loves purple too.

Rennefar says:

I so want that manta ray, the one i did buy it gave me the cow and i have that hanging off my rear view mirror in my car. XD

Casey Engen says:

The hole in the donut you need to punch open.

thicc egg says:

Adorable lil donut babies

Tami Toohey says:

Crumbs the cat is my favorite for this video.

jace b says:

I love kisbee the manta ray! He looks amazing 😀

suzy chun says:

I like the hedgehog

Liza Terra ASMR says:

Dinkin shannins

Cecelia Meyer says:

My daughter got a super set on her first medium donut

Number 1 Shopkins Fan says:

Great video!

Dingdongsfour Life says:

#SPRINKLESLOTH is my favorite! All of these are pretty dang adorable.. The manta ray is my second favorite!

Maddison Vaccaro says:

This series is sooo cute!!! Love the sloth and the laydybug!

Gwen Bloodmoon says:

My favorite one of these was the manta ray

Butterflybri_91 says:

Favorite donut was the blue and favorite character is the cow!

Jodi Demorrow says:

I love them all

xX_BTSARMY_Xx says:

Please don’t go away, I knead you in my life. You make my world go round and without you, I donut think the hole world would ever be the same. #donutpuns

nicole burke says:

I liked the ray

Victoria Black says:

Donut shaped bath bombs anyone?

RedWolf & More says:

Pikmi Pops are so cute ❤❤❤

Kassandra Allison says:

This video was a very loud because I had headphones on and the volume all the way up and does Paul play with all the toys after the video

Drayarna Hudson says:

Can you guys please do a Paul VS Shannon with these??

Jo Jo says:

What do you do with all the duplicates? Do you do giveaways? Always wondered what blind box reviewers do with all the extras they get?

Andrew Worth says:

Who else loves Moofia?

If you do give it a like!

Full-Metal-Girl says:

4:01 Oh, I love the colors of Sweets the Rhino <3
5:23 Scutter is adorable!!
6:18 SO FUZZY!!!!
7:38 Ooh, I think he's my fave. SO CUTE!
8:24 I lied, this one is my fave. SO SHINY. <3 <3

Rebekah the fox says:

Did you know that manterays are 24 feet long with it to wing to wing that look small but they are bigggg

SkylerDaFurry says:

I love the manta ray

Anna Newbold says:

I WANT THE Hedgehog

Kristal-mae Littlejohns says:

My favourite one is the powdy the Llama

ShadowNight 01 says:

#SprinkleSloth!!! The sloth is definitely my favorite. I love the arms!!

Darial Kuznetsova says:

I think these won’t be in Finland this year… Well maybe for Christmas. Those haven’t gotten off as well as LOL’s. We get everything several months late.

Butterfliez Garcia says:

My favorite is the sting ray donut

Samdi Aoi says:

More of these please 🙂

Danelle Campbell says:

Love cow donuts

Destiny Merrill says:

U forgot to pop the middle parts of the doghnuts

Saige Andrews says:

I my favorite video so far

Stunning Shrimp says:

Kisbee the frisbee!!!!!!!

Jelly Watermelons says:

Omg today is my 10 and a quarter birthday! I love doughmis and watching this video made my day! I am commenting this at the start of the video so i hope you get Kisbee the manta ray because i love manta rays. Please please please can I have a shoutout! I love you so much and please please please can you do a red nose unboxing video, just comment if your cannot. Thank you ps!

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