Psycho Donuts has quickly become a Bay Area icon, and has been featured on The Travel Channel, The Today Show, Fox Business News, USA Today, Entrepreneur, Maxim, American Way, Bon Appétit, Food Network Magazine, and more.
Psycho Donuts is a donut shop in Campbell, California. It opened in March 2009.
The theme of the shop is “craziness”: it specializes in unusual donut flavors and many donuts’ names are puns on mental illnesses or other mental health conditions, and the store’s decorations include a straitjacket and padded cell.

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Savannah Cook says:

Wow he looked thinner back then

mixalis dhmhtriou says:

Sugar in Greek is ζάχαρη

Joseph Hernandez says:

What is it with you and food? Can you go for even two hours without having to stuff your face within the next 25 minutes?

Jett Matz says:

10 pesos, less than one dollar, poor dog was sold for dustmoney

Stoney Productions says:

“if your into MILFS ”  :))

Michael Creech says:

This donut looks amazing!!!!!

Jamie Kalbaugh says:

Fluffy didn’t talk because he was afraid of being eaten

BlueJay666 says:

This review is waaaay too sexual, I felt like you were making love to the doughnut instead of eating it !

True Lubie says:

Hahhahah +CarbTheVeganUp 

Sunny Lin says:

Ew is way too sweet for me

Gryazev-Shipunov says:

Fluffy is cute, I like him.

lwzeis says:

Fatass fucking obnoxious retard

lll Aeezem lll says:

0:00 A god was created.

Emllou says:

“Lets take a bite!” *eats whole thing*

Not Daniel says:

He came into the review biased saying it was good before he even took a bite.

Random Comment says:

Didn’t know shoenice had a brother.

Michael Creech says:

Woooo wooooooo woooooooooo

FalconBlue says:

“Butter milf *chuckles* if you’re in to milf

iTV says:

Seriously, were you born a barn.  Don’t talk with your mouth full.  Gross.

Anx Won says:

You sound normal in this review

dethtrain says:

lol tacos saved that dogs life

das it mane says:

What happened to you Jon Lovitz?

Nicholas Chicarielli says:

This man is addicted to sugar so badly. He literally needs help asap.

Arrianna King says:

this is like a porn vid, its crazy

James Paul Chang says:

wth you are from san jose ??? haha cool

Thomas Cairns says:

learn how to eat fuck face

Tarnation Bob says:


Alison Dinet says:

The donut looks awesome.. And your dog fluffy is soooo adorableWe love you Joey..

Sanzetti says:

so you know the suicide girls hm?

Mark Cornish says:

holy fuck i laughed so hard after your moans leading up to “…i’ve never had a…better donut in my life”

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