I review the Publix Bakery ButterCream filled LONGJOHN Donut. Only .79 Cents!!! ~ and PACKED full of Sweet Buttercream. But do I endorse this product? Please watch and find out. Please LIKE / COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE. Thank you ~


Harmony _ says:

I know how much you like publix buttercream so I can just imagine your face when you saw this. 🙂 I’m gonna get one next time. Looks amazing!

mrhappy0121 says:

Great Review… Nice Product :p

lewiston maineiac says:

sorry it says 81 not 91 and i am sticking to it.

CoolestBarnhillVids says:

Great review that is a awesome value. It looked very delicious I know jennifer would have loved it cuz she love stuff with cream in it…….”Later”bro

alex amico says:

My fav donut is the long Jhon’s from publics

Rebecca Preciado says:

WOW! That looked SO delicious!! Wowwwww!! Yummers! We don’t have Publix in California:(((
At least I don’t think we do. Any who great review!

JoeysWorldTour says:

Buttercream Heaven!  A super duper awesome pastry review buddy!

iAmDead says:

That looks Delis lol…..Lets juts call that bad boy an eclair, Great review man…Keep em coming, Take Care!!

IIXeoN UniQuEII says:

Bro you look really tired

Roy Hobbs says:

WOW! 1 word. WOW! I wish I had a Publix near me.  man

John Graboski says:

lol.. right on dude!

EverLopezTv says:

Why do you always but your head down when predicting the number?

Jason Rios says:

omg that looks tasty good review bro

captainakron27 says:

Eat This Shall You? Heck it! The endorsement goes on food adventures for you, and doesn’t even ask your mom. Festooning vicariousness through the interwebs.  A 91 rating… Now you can go home and Schleep well. #theendorsement

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