Pumpkin Spice Donut Holes Review- Buzzfeed Test #89


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Richard Rotshild says:

Ahah omg the intro 😀

Harley Quinn says:

Those Oreos were not pumpkin spice

Glaeson says:

Is it me or he getting chubbier

The Seven Year Twitch says:

Hey, Hufflepuffs unite!!

Phil's Glabella says:

David I have the same frickin background from google (you may have been doing it ironically though..)

Ellie Tasha says:

They’re called timbits

Taleen AH says:

loved thisssss

CuteUniverse DIY says:

you kind of look like Shawn mendas that really like plads

and have sunburn on the nose but thats kinda cute

sorayyah yusrizal says:

Am i the onlyone who dont really love pumpkin? I dont hate it, but i dont really crazy about it..

Kirsten Golnaz says:

Root Beer float pieee!!!

hu70913 says:

pumpkin is terrible. SWEET POTATO PIE is where it’s at!

Renea Lindsay says:

Donut holes… they’re timbits

Ellie B says:

quit throwing stuff. “throw the butter in” “throw out the sugar”

sparkydoodle96 says:

rizzoli & isles??????????

Elizabeth Mance says:

I work at a grocery store and now there are pumpkin spice twinkies and pumpkin spice scented trash bags… Yes Trash bags, they’re gone too far..

Hearty Gaming says:

Video starts at 2:20 by the way. You’re welcome

Cameron Colfack says:

Best intro so far!

alexandra maftei says:


jvon jones says:

You should do retrys every other month.

peter juhl says:

Do one on the easy orange chicken

NinnaLinna says:

The beginning LOL I love this boy

Amaya Thomas says:

You should make French toast 4 ways and u have to do the ones with cream cheese

carxs says:

here in chile we make something similar on fall season, but they’re round/disc shaped lol

Bathing Jape says:

Can someone fill me in on why he switched from Thursday to Friday?

Sarah Kennedy says:

david should do buzzfeed nifty’s hidden toy soap surprise DIY
like if u agree

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